Texas Tech Double T

All About HR & ePAF

Course Description

In this class you will learn HR terminology and procedures so that you can prepare and submit ePAFs. The full length of the three session class must be completed as one unit in one sitting to gain access as an ePAF Originator.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the terms and concepts of employment procedures at Texas Tech
  • Learn the differences between exempt, nonexempt and faculty ePAFs
  • Review the TTU’s ePAFs and how to select the correct ePAF for the occasion
  • Review the job aids and support materials used when preparing an ePAF
  • Practice navigating the ePAF system and complete a New Hire ePAF

Training Aids

Below you will find a list of tools and resources that will be referenced during class. You will receive an email prior to class with instructions on what to print and bring with you.


Administration and Finance
Information Systems Management