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How do I set up a new vendor so I can process travel or direct pay?

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Question:    How do I set up a new vendor so I can process travel or direct pay?
Answer:  For Direct Pay:  If a department knows they are using a completely new vendor that is not already affiliated with TTU or TTUS, they can request the following information from the vendor and send it to so that the vendor is set up and available for use when they attempt to process a direct pay.


1. Vendor Setup Information forms (which includes the W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number Request Form)

2. If they are an independent business/person they are required to fill out the Independent Contractor’s Questionnaire along with the above information.

3. To set up a foreign vendor please contact the Tax Compliance Office at and they will assist you in obtaining the required forms.


After these forms are filled out they need to either fax or mail them to our Procurement offices.  These forms can be found on the Procurement website at

Click on Vendors(found on the far right hand side) and it will take them to a page that lists the above information.  Vendors are also welcome to log on to this website to fill out the required info, unless the department would like to print the forms and fax or mail them to each vendor or person.

If the department doesn’t do this ahead of time, or if they do not realize the vendor they want to use is not in the vendor table:

1.       When they are processing a direct pay and get to the screen that requires vendor selection, they click on the button that says “Request new vendor”.

2.       The next screen will ask for some basic vendor information to be typed in.

3.       When they click “submit”, the information will go by email to the Purchasing staff, who will then contact the vendor for the above information.

4.       When Purchasing gets all the information back from the vendor, they will notify the department and they can complete their direct pay request.


For Travel:

Within the Travel System, you will search on the traveler's  (employee) name.  If they are not set up as a vendor for the Travel System, you will receive an error advising that no vendors match your search criteria.  Above the name search field in the Travel System is a link titled "New Vendor Request".  Complete the form and submit.  You will be advised by email when the travel has been established as a vendor. 

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