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What report in Cognos show the current budget for a FOP?

Within the TTU Finance > Budget Reports folder you will find the reports designed to provide budget information.  The most frequently used of these reports include:

  1. FI002 - Revenue Expense Budget Pools by FOP - This report displays at the budget pool level the budget details for the FOP(s) selected
  2. FI004 - Revenue Expense Budget by FOP - This report displays by FOP only and provides drill down functionality to the transaction level
  3. FI071 - Multi Year Funds Budget & Actual by Account Pool - This is the most frequently used budget report for Grant Accounts.
  4. FI045 - Monthly Ledger Report - This report is used for both Grant and Non-Grant Accounts.  It provides revenue and expense details for current month within the budget report in addition to Year- to-Date  / Incept-to-Date details.
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