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Can I pay for phone charges on my federal FOP?

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Question:  Can I pay for phone charges on my Texas Tech University federal FOP?

Answer:   Local phone charges are not allowed on federally funded sponsored projects, so any Texas Tech University (Chart T) FOPs that begin with 21 cannot be used. There are instances when the federal funding agency has given specific approval due to the nature of the project to allow local phone charges.   Enhancements are continually being made to the Gateway system.   However, at this time, the Gateway cannot accept any exceptions to the general rule of no phone charges on federal funds.   Departments will need to use another non-SPAR FOP to process the initial telephone charge.  If it is allowable on the federal grant then the department will need to submit a cost transfer to move the charge to the federal FOP.  This is a temporary solution until program changes can be made in the Gateway system to allow exceptions federal FOPs. 

Sponsored projects that begin with 22 and 23 can be used to pay local phone charges. 
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