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Eff Date must be greater than Last Paid Date


The Last Paid Date is the final day of a pay period for which employees have received pay checks.  When Payroll generates pay checks for a pay period, the period is closed to future entries.  This error notes that you are trying to put dates on your ePAF in a closed pay period.  It also indicates you started your ePAF incorrectly.  To avoid this error, follow these steps:
1)  On the New ePAF Person Selection screen the Query Date must be after the Last Paid Date.  Whatever is entered in the Query Date field will copy down to several "Effective (Eff) Date" entries on the ePAF.  If you choose and enter the Query Date correctly, the Effective Dates will also be correct.
2)  After you select an ePAF form from the drop-down list, the employee's active jobs (for the Query Date entered) will display, and one of the fields is the Last Paid Date
3)  For Ending Job ePAFs, the Query date can be on or after the Last Paid Date; for all other ePAFs, the Query Date must be after the Last Paid Date.
Correcting Effective Dates:  If your ePAF with the error is still open, you can ignore your incorrect entry in the Query Date field, choose a correct date according to step 3, and enter this correct date in each Effective Date field  --OR--  you can delete the ePAF with errors and restart according to steps 1-3.
Tip:  The ePAF procedure starts with today's date in the Query Date field.  It must be overtyped.
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