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Which is best to do - end the job or terminate if you do not know what the person plans to do?

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Question:  Which is best to do - end the job of an employee or terminate when you have no idea what the person plans to do?
To terminate an employee is to remove them from Texas Tech, as though they changed employers or retired and no longer work at Texas Tech.  To end the job is to stop the title and pay, but retain the person as a Texas Tech employee who does not have a current assignment.  It is important to make a thoughtful decision because of the following:
1)  Ending the job of a benefits eligible employee means they will not have a paycheck, and must personally pay insurance premiums in upcoming months.  If the employee never returns to work, the department may have to pay for any unpaid insurance premiums.
2)  Terminating a benefits eligible employee means their insurance coverage ends.  If they return to work, they may have to wait for 90 days to resume coverage.
3)  Use caution when terminating Graduate Students after Spring appointments to ensure benefits are not terminated for those who return to work in the Fall.
If in doubt and unable to verify the employee's plans, terminate the employee.  Then process a New Hire ePAF to rehire if the person returns. 
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