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Not Found, The request URL/pls/TTTUSPRD/bwpkepaf.p_UpdateEpafDetl was not found on this server


This error occurs when you click SUBMIT to quickly after clicking SAVE.
When you click SAVE, the ePAF is saved to the data base and then returned tot he user PC (with error messages, if any).  The response from the server starts with the ePAF heading and the buttons for saving and submitting are visible and active on the user monitor.  If the response from the server has not completed when the SUBMIT button is clicked, the above error will occur.
To tell if the response from the server is completed, watch the Up/Down Scroll Bar on the right of the screen.  It will be very tall with the initial response and will visually decrease in size until the ePAF data has fully returned to the user PC.  Watch this scroll bar to verify communications with the server is completed.   The response should only take a second or two, but long enough for a "quick clicker" to click on SUBMIT.  Keep in mind that there is a message that will appear as well at the top of the ePAF which states "Your change was saved successfully".
When you get the error, refresh your browser, which return to the ePAF program.  In the Originator Summary Current Tab, open the ePAF, click the update link and you are ready to go based on the last SAVE. 
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