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Default Routing Queue: How to save and update ePAF Routing Queues

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Question:  How do I set up Default Routing Queue patterns for my ePAF's?

The Default Routing Queue allows you to define your preferred routing for each ePAF Approval Category (New Hire, Termination, etc.) The Approvers/Levels you save as a Default Routing Queue will paste in the Routing Queue when you start a new ePAF.  The Approvers/Levels can be changed on the new ePAF as needed. You can also edit the Default Routing Queue as needed.


Default Routing is specific to your User ID as well as each approval category. This means that you have the ability to define and customize your own personal routing that only you can use, change, or delete.


The attachment below provides instructions for creating and updating Default Routing Queues, and can be viewed or printed.

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