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How do I pay a student who has a Work Study grant?


Student Financial Aid provides you with an Award Authorization form with approval information, including a W-position (instead of a T#) with the Work Study FOAP funding information.  This Authorization is prepared after you contact the Student Financial Aid to share FOAP information.
The award is the maximum that the student is allowed to earn (earn means to be paid).  Work Study will pay 75% of the award and your department will pay 25%.  For instance, if the award is $1000, then the student may earn up to $1000 with the Work Study grant paying 75% ($750) and the department paying 25% ($250).
If you will pay the student after the awardis exhausted, then you will Job End the W-position appointment, and Job Begin the student to your department pooled T# 100% from your FOAP.

Instructions for Appointing Work Study Students are found on the AFISM Resources webpage: “Appointing Work Study Students”

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