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New Person button is missing from the Duplicate Check on a New Hire, Generate ID


I’m trying to Generate ID on a New Hire ePAF for a person who does not already exist in the system.  When I submit the ePAF, the Duplicate Check page displays a list of potential matches with a message “Choose an existing person by selecting a name or select the New Person button to indicate a record for a new person.”  However, the New Person button is missing.



Please make a screen-shot (or copy-and-paste) of the Duplicate Check page and its list of potential matches.

1. Send an e-mail to the ePAF analysts in Human Resources:



  Subject: Generate ID for New Person


  Be sure to include the following in the email:

   - ePAF transaction number

   - Name of the New Person

   - screen-shot of the Duplicate Check page and its list of potential matches.


2.  Human Resources will administratively generate a new R# for you and reply with this new R#


3.  After Human Resources responds with the newly-generated R#, pull up your ePAF, click Update and Submit.  You can now select the newly-generated R# from Duplicate Check page and submit your ePAF.
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