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When an employee is moving from department to another do I use Job Change ePAF or Transfer ePAF?

Question :  If an employee is leaving one department and moving to another, does it matter whether the gaining and losing departments use the Job Change-End/Job Change-Begin ePAFs or the Transfer- Losing/Transfer Gaining ePAFs—don’t both of these sets end one job and start another?


Answer :  If an employee is leaving one department and moving to another, the Transfer Losing/ Transfer Gaining ePAFs must be used because they contain important transfer information that is not included in the Job Change End/Job Change-Begin ePAFs. 

  • Job Change End / Begin assumes the employee is staying in the same department.  Home Department is not changed and Work Location/Address/Phone are not changed.
  • Transfer Losing/Gaining collects the new Home department and Work Location/Address/Phone.

 The Transfer-Losing ePAF defaults to Job Change Reason code TRFLD-Transfer Losing Department.  This only needs to be changed to TRFLI – Transfer Losing HSC-TTU-SYS if the employee is transferring between Charts of Account in addition to Departments.

The Transfer-Gaining ePAF includes fields for the new Work Address, Home Department, and Work Location.  Failure to update this information causes problems with the employee’s locator information, campus mail distribution, and Web Time Entry or Web Leave Report approval queues.

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