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ORA-06502 error, in my Personnel Action Notices box?

Answer:  ORA-06502 PL/SQL: numeric or value error - character string buffer too small indicates that you have more EPAFs than the Personnel Action Notices channel can handle. 

You can specify in the user preferences the types of transactions, statuses, and number of rows to be displayed in the channel. 
The channel can display up to 35 records.  If, based on the transaction types you have chosen to be displayed, the number of records is greater than 35, the system displays the error message The results of the search exceeded the channel limits.  Please limit your search criteria.  If this happens, go to the user preferences and select fewer transaction types to be displayed.
If no details need to be viewed, you can approve and acknowledge transactions directly in the channel using the links in the Action column, if any are displayed.  Clicking one of these links updates the record in Banner Human Resources.
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