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This error occurs when the person and R# has an employee record in the data base.  The chosen ePAF is a Transfer Gaining or New Hire (to rehire a previous employee).  When you have completed your entries on the ePAF, the ePAF system detects that the person has an existing work address and phone  from previous employment, and presents this error.  The only recovery is to delete this ePAF and start over as follows:
1) On the first Person Selection screen, enter the employee R#, the Query Date, and select the desired ePAF.
2) The second Address and Telephone Selection entry screen is displayed:  The only correct entry is to select the Texas Tech Work address and click GO!  (Note: This screen only appears if the person has a previous Texas Tech Work address, as when entering Transfer Gaining or rehire appointments.  NEVER select the New Record choice.)
3) The last screen is the New ePAF Job Selection screen where you enter the T# and suffix, and click the Next Approval Type button until only the GO button remains.  Click GO to open the ePAF for entry.
TIP: When the 'New Record' is selected in error, no data displayed in the current value field.
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