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A pay increase PAF for a nonexempt employee has applied but WTE timesheet has the old rate. Will the employee be paid at the old rate or at the new rate?

When an employee opens the timesheet for the first time, the current rate is listed on the timesheet.  The rate in the header is not updated during the pay period and does not reflect any recently applied pay changes.  During the payroll cycle at the end of the pay period, the header will be refreshed with the new rate before payroll is computed.  NBAJOBS_007 shows the rate at which the employee will be paid during the period when the timesheet header remains unchanged.  After payroll has been computed, the header is refreshed with the correct rate so that the ‘historical’ record is correct when reviewed at a later date.

NOTE:  In an attempt to process the large volume of ePAFs, the current pay period, Sept 01 09 to Sept 16 09 is not being run somewhat out of order and some timesheets are showing incorrect headers and FOAP distributions.  These will correct during the payroll cycle when paychecks are computed.

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