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How do I decide whether to use an Exempt, Nonexempt or Faculty ePAF?

You determine whether to use Exempt, Nonexempt, or Faculty/TA/GPTI according to the Employee Class code for the T-position to which the employee will be appointed.

Each job title in the Texas Tech Pay Plan is classified as “Exempt,” “Nonexempt,” or “Faculty/TA/GPTI” with an Employee Classification code.   Both the Employee Classification code and the Title become part of the T-position.


You can find your department’s positions/titles/codes with the Cognos HR report RPT_PBUD_002 which includes columns “ECLASS” and “ECLASS DESC” where the description includes Exempt, Nonexempt, or Faculty.

For your convenience, a reference chart of Employee Classes, Benefit Categories, and Leave Categories is available on the AFISM Resources web page (filter for ePAF) as Exempt, Faculty, and Nonexempt Employee Classes:


1.        The ability to run an HR Cognos report (referred to as ‘access’ or a ‘role’) is granted by the Organization Manager.   If you do not have access to run the report, contact your Manager or the designated colleague who can run the report for you.

2.        Cognos reports are set up as a directory with folders and sub-folders.   The path to find this report is:   ‪ Public Folders ‎> Human Resources ‎> Departmental Users ‎> Position Reports

3.        As a report of the Positions, the column “AMT BUDGETED” is the budget assigned to the Position which may be different from the pay of the Employee.

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