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What is a secondary job?

When a new employee starts at Texas Tech, the first job appointment is referred to as the Primary Job.  The Primary Job title and FTE determine what benefits the employee may be eligible to receive.  Then, in addition, some job responsibilities are set up to be paid for as additional appointments. 

In a ‘generic’ sense, any of three types of additional appointment(s) after an employee has a primary job are "secondary jobs." The three 'specific' types of additional appointments are

  • A secondary Job, which is an 'additional FTE-job' (work-for-pay) held by an employee.  The primary Job and secondary Job share the employee FTE.
  • A secondary Position, which is 'additional pay' over and above the FTE-job(s) (work-for-pay)
  • A Primary Job Recurring Pay, which is an 'overload' or 'allowance-type' of pay
View the “Forms of Employee Pay” on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > AFISM > Training Resources webpage (filter by ePAF).  You will find definitions and examples for these types of appointments
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