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If a supplier (vendor) is not in TechBuy(SciQuest), how do we add them?

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Question:  If a supplier (vendor) is not in TechBuy, how do we add them?
Answer:  This is completed using a Non-Catalog form in Techbuy. 
  1. In the form, click on the "choose supplier...." link in the top section "Non- Catalog Vendor Information".
  2. In the pop-up window, open the drop-down box and click on "manually enter supplier information".
  3. Enter the name of the vendor and click OK
  4. Provide the fax or e-mail of the vendor.
  5. Continue to complete the form, submit the requisition and Procurement Services will complete necessary steps for a new vendor.
For futher information, click the attachment below.  Screen shots are provided.
Submitted by:  Jennifer Adling
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