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How do I correct an Address Incomplete Error in TechBuy(SciQuest)?
Viewed 122 times since Thu, May 22, 2008
To correct this error, you need to provide a complete ship to address.  Within the Shipping box, click the edit button.  In the window that opens, the information that is missing will be highlighted in yellow.  Provide the information and select SAVE.
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My requisition rejected due to the wrong accounting date, how do I correct this?
Viewed 119 times since Fri, Sep 5, 2008
Once a requisition has been rejected, you cannot change it.  You will have to do one of two things.  You can go into the requisition and copy it to a new cart, or simply start all over.  In the Checkout process within the box labeled Billing you may use the edit option to modify the accounting date.
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