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Where can I find a list of account codes?
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In Cognos,  a report in the TTU Finance > All Finance Reports folder provides the Account Codes.  This is the FI067 - List of Valid Account Codes.   Account Codes can also be found on the Resources page of the AFISM website http://www.depts.ttu.edu/afism/resources/.  Select the link labeled "Account Code Descriptions".  On that same page is the "Account Crosswalk" that allows you to search by text for an account c...
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When should I use account codes 5D vs. account codes 5E?
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 5D codes are ONLY for Auxiliary Enterprise Funds (fund class 31A).  All other fund that have sales and services will use the 5E codes.  When choosing one of the 5E codes, there is an External Sale choice and  an Internal Sale choice.  Pick the correct one based on whether the sale it to someone external to the University or to someone internal. 
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