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Is there a way to do a wildcard search in Query Studio?
Viewed 273 times since Thu, Jul 31, 2008
Category:  Reporting Subcategory:  Cognos Query Studio Question:  Is there a way to do a wildcard search in Query Studio?   Answer:  Yes.  To do this, click inside the column that you want to search on.  Select the Filter icon from the toolbar.  In the Filter box that opens, there is a link in the upper right titled "Search for Values".  Select this link.  In the next box that opens, a Keyword search box is present.  Type...
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Why am I getting results of "ABCD" in my fields rather than real data?
Viewed 235 times since Thu, Aug 28, 2008
 In an effort to minimize the amount of time it takes to run a query, the default of Cognos Query Studio has been changed to run "with no data".  This is visible when Query Studio is accessed as there is a message "data is turned off" at the top of the work area,  and the work area looks like a torn page as well. To run your query, click on the icon in the toolbar once the data fields are pulled into the work area.    ...
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