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Unable to save NORTRAN record.
Viewed 2857 times since Tue, Jul 8, 2014
The cause of this error has not been determined.  There is no known recovery.    Delete the ePAF and start over.   You can assist us by keeping the ePAF and notifying afism.2know@ttu.edu with the ePAF transaction # to allow review of the ePAF before it is deleted.
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This page is not enabled for current user role(s). bwpkepaf.P_DispEpafMenu
Viewed 1672 times since Mon, Dec 1, 2008
Answer:  This means that you do not have access as an ePAF Originator or ePAF Approver.      To become an ePAF Originator: An ePAF Originator must attend class before receiving access. To become an ePAF Originator, you must sign up for the All About HR and ePAF class on the AFISM class registration website:  http://www.depts.ttu.edu/afism/AFISMClassRegistration/ClassCatalog.aspx  To become an ePAF Approver: Ask your department head t...
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Personnel Date must be filled in for Approval Type PAYCHE
Viewed 1268 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
Answer: The Personnel Date has not been entered on the ePAF.  Enter the date in order to continue.
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Address of this type exists
Viewed 1151 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
Answer: This error occurs when the person and R# has an employee record in the data base.  The chosen ePAF is a Transfer Gaining or New Hire (to rehire a previous employee).  When you have completed your entries on the ePAF, the ePAF system detects that the person has an existing work address and phone  from previous employment, and presents this error.  The only recovery is to delete this ePAF and start over as follows:   1) On the fi...
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All Approval Types must be committed prior to submission
Viewed 1069 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
Answer: Each block/section of the ePAF is an Approval Type; "committed' means saved.  The error indicates one or more Approval Types are incomplete and not saved.  Thus the ePAF will not submit.     Check the Default Earnings block to ensure a default earning code and associated columns have been entered, per the ePAF Template.   Check all Approval Types to ensure that all fields have been completed and saved, per the ePAF T...
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Begin Date must equal the first Jobs Detail Effective Date
Viewed 1059 times since Wed, Jan 21, 2009
Explanation and Instruction:    The Begin Date has a specific meaning: it is the original date an employee was appointed to a position (T# and suffix), such as the date a new graduate student is appointed as a TA.   If the graduate student is assigned as an RA for the next semester, the TA appointment ends and RA appointment begins.   Begin Date for each appointment is the original date the employee was appointed to each T# and suffix, and ...
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ORA-06502 error, in my Personnel Action Notices box?
Viewed 769 times since Tue, May 26, 2009
Answer:  ORA-06502 PL/SQL: numeric or value error - character string buffer too small indicates that you have more EPAFs than the Personnel Action Notices channel can handle.    You can specify in the user preferences the types of transactions, statuses, and number of rows to be displayed in the channel.    The channel can display up to 35 records.  If, based on the transaction types you have chosen to be displayed, the number of record...
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Assignment Salary divided by rate does not equal hours per pay
Viewed 735 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
Answer: Check to see that your entry for the Hourly Rate is correct, and limited to 2 decimal points, i.e. 10.249999 should be 10.25   If the Hourly Rate on the ePAF is correct (or not required), please contact the PAF Analysts in Human Resources.  Please include the ePAF transaction number and the Employee ID (R########). They will need to correct rounding errors in the employee\'s Banner Job Record.   For TTU:  hrs.compensati...
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Invalid Leave Category Code for this Employee Class
Viewed 685 times since Fri, May 16, 2008
Answer: This error tells you that the leave category code is invalid for the employee class code entered.   Check for typographical errors, review the codes associated the position number - HR Compensation is contact if codes entered appear correct.
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Why did the Approval Queue on my ePAF turn from an Approval action into an FYI action?
Viewed 647 times since Fri, May 30, 2008
When the user listed as a higher level approver is the originator of the ePAF, this occurance is a normal function of Banner.  After the ePAF is submitted, all approval levels below the highest approval level automatically turn into FYI actions for acknowledgement only. You and any Approve/Apply levels above you will still be set for the approval queue/routing.
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Base Job Record must exist to create a new job, on Pay Change
Viewed 618 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
Verify that the employee has a base record for the pay change.  A base record would have filled the Current Value column.  No Current Values indicates a missing base record.
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The future dated Job record must be deleted before ending Job
Viewed 583 times since Tue, Dec 9, 2008
Answer:  Contact HR Compensation-Operations (TTU) or HR Records (HSC) for assistance:   For TTU:  hrs.compensation.operations@ttu.edu For HSC:  hscrecords@ttuhsc.edu 
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Break in attempt Detected
Viewed 581 times since Mon, Dec 8, 2008
Answer:    This error is generated when the log in button or submit button is hit 2 times.  To correct, exit the system and log back in.
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Not Found, The request URL/pls/TTTUSPRD/bwpkepaf.p_UpdateEpafDetl was not found on this server
Viewed 526 times since Fri, Jan 16, 2009
Answer:   This error occurs when you click SUBMIT to quickly after clicking SAVE.   When you click SAVE, the ePAF is saved to the data base and then returned tot he user PC (with error messages, if any).  The response from the server starts with the ePAF heading and the buttons for saving and submitting are visible and active on the user monitor.  If the response from the server has not completed when the SUBMIT button is clicked, the abo...
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Eff Date must be greater than Last Paid Date
Viewed 524 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
Answer: The Last Paid Date is the final day of a pay period for which employees have received pay checks.  When Payroll generates pay checks for a pay period, the period is closed to future entries.  This error notes that you are trying to put dates on your ePAF in a closed pay period.  It also indicates you started your ePAF incorrectly.  To avoid this error, follow these steps:   1)  On the New ePAF Person Selection screen the Query Da...
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Contract End Date must not be later than Base Job End Date
Viewed 506 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
Contract End Date is Banner's term for Encumbrance End Date.  The Encumbrance Date entries only appear on Faculty ePAFs.  Verify these two items: 1) You have chosen the wrong ePAF, not a Faculty ePAf for a faculty title.  You must delete this ePAF and restart with a Faculty ePAF. 2)  Look in the Approval Type "Encumbrance 9 Month".  When you are ending a job, the Encumbrance End date must not occur after the Job End Date. ...
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New effective date must be greater than the last date of x, in Labor Distribution FOAPAL
Viewed 479 times since Wed, Nov 12, 2008
Answer:  When submitting an ePAF for a future change that involves a funding (labor distribution) change which will occur before an existing funding change that is already in place in Banner, you will receive the error, “New effective date must be greater than the last date of x”.   The budget office will need to delete any funding changes subsequent to the change being submitted.   You will need to: 1. Hold the ePAF you were trying to...
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WARNING! Annual Salary is outside the Table/Grade range
Viewed 474 times since Thu, Dec 18, 2008
Answer:    A warning is simply an advisement.  This means that the employee's pay does not fit in the range for the position title and pay plan.  This warning will not prevent the ePAF from submitting - just a message to make sure your entry is correct.
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Warning* Future changes exist - starting on (date)
Viewed 460 times since Tue, Dec 9, 2008
Answer:  A future change or a future dated record exists if a transaction with an upcoming (future) date has been submitted and applied (such as an end date).  A new transaction can not be submitted if its date will be before the future dated record.   Contact HR Compensation-Operations (TTU) or HR Records (HSC) for assistance:   For TTU :   hrs.compensation.operations@ttu.edu For HSC:  hscrecords@ttuhsc.edu
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Create or Change Default Earnings: Invalid value for Special Rate. Value must be numeric
Viewed 459 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
This error occurs when the user enters a Special Rate greater than $999.99. Even though the user enters all numeric digits, I.e. 1250, ePAF will change it to display as 1,250.000000. When user saves ePAF, they receive an error: “Invalid value for Special Rate. Value must be numeric.”   TO FIX THE ERROR : The user must remove the comma, then save and submit. It will re-display with the comma, but will allow you to submit.     NOTE: T...
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New Person button is missing from the Duplicate Check on a New Hire, Generate ID
Viewed 448 times since Mon, Mar 9, 2009
Background: I’m trying to Generate ID on a New Hire ePAF for a person who does not already exist in the system.  When I submit the ePAF, the Duplicate Check page displays a list of potential matches with a message “Choose an existing person by selecting a name or select the New Person button to indicate a record for a new person.”  However, the New Person button is missing.   Answer:  Please make a screen-shot (or copy-and-past...
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Cannot be terminated. All jobs have to be ended
Viewed 428 times since Fri, May 23, 2008
If an employee has secondary jobs in addition to the primary job, the secondary jobs must be ended before the primary job can be ended and the employee can be terminated.  (Use Job Change, End Job Approval Category).   HINT:  The Termination Approval Category ends the primary job in addition to terminating employment.  The Primary Job cannot be ended until all secondary jobs are ended!
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Termination Date has to be >= Jobs End Date
Viewed 400 times since Tue, Dec 9, 2008
Answer:  Ensure the Termination Date in the Terminate Employment approval type/section is equal to or later than the Job End Date in the End Job approval type/section.   Ensure both fields are completed in the ‘New Value’ column.
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New Effective Date cannot be after Employee’s Termination Date, when trying to add a secondary job
Viewed 382 times since Wed, Dec 22, 2010
You are trying to add a secondary job that starts after the employee is terminated.   Your department can view any employee using Cognos report HR035.  It shows employee's home dept, job departments and historical appointments, but no confidential information (salary, etc).
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First Name must be filled in for Approval Type, PERSON
Viewed 378 times since Mon, Dec 8, 2008
Answer:  This error is telling you that you need to complete the "First Name" field under the Approval Type section labeled "Person" (General Person Data).   You need to complete each field in the 'New Value' column.   Hint:  if you don't need to change the data from the Current Value column, you can highlight and drag the contents from the Current Value field to the New Value field.
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I accidentally completed a job change end on the primary job rather than secondary - why did I not receive an error message?
Viewed 368 times since Tue, Jan 13, 2009
Answer:  The error regarding the fact that a secondary job exists and must be ended is received only if a termination ePAF is being submitted.  It is not received if a job change end ePAF is being submitted.
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Submit cannot be completed 12899
Viewed 367 times since Wed, Jun 4, 2008
Answer: This error indicates that there is an error in a numeric field.  Review all numbers entered in the ePAF. The numeric fields do not support any symbols such as - , or a ..   A common error that causes this is having dashes in the phone number or not having all 9 digits entered correctly for the SSN.
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The Earnings Menu in Default Earnings only has the Not Selected option.
Viewed 346 times since Tue, Jan 18, 2011
When the Earnings Menu only has the \'Not Selected\' option, the ePAF has become corrupt.  The cause is unknown.  You must start the ePAF over.
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