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How do I attach documents to an ePAF?
Viewed 363 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2009
Please refer to the "ePAF Attachment Instructions," which are available on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > AFISM Resources website. 
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Why do I receive the error "Encryption timestamp has expired"?
Viewed 302 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2009
The link on the ePAF page only remains active for 60 minutes.  This error will be received once the 60 minute timeframe has been exceeded.  To solve the problem, exit the PAF and re-open it from the Originator Summary or the Approver Summary, and then try again.
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After selecting a document to display, I get a Foreign File Document window, what do I do?
Viewed 279 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2009
In the Foreign File Document window, click the link next to Download Foreign File or Render Foreign File.  While Xtender can technically work with any file format, the system was only designed to display PDF and image filed (.jpg, .tif, etc.).
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Who can attachment documents to an ePAF?
Viewed 274 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2009
The ePAF Originator as well as each Approver in the routing queue (or their Proxy) can attach or delete documents to an ePAF at any time after the ePAF has been saved.
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Why don’t I see the Application Xtender window when I click Upload Documents or Display Documents?
Viewed 262 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2009
An existing window is most likely being re-used for Application Xtender.  Check the taskbar at the bottom of your screen to look for the Application Xtender window.
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If I uploaded only the first page of a multi-page document, how do I correct this?
Viewed 255 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2009
There are two possible causes for this problem: 1) When attaching a file, the first action is to choose the file name and SAVE, but this only attaches the page being viewed in the display area.  The rest of the file must be attached as a second action.  To restart, delete the single-page document (see "Deleting Documents or Pages") and upload the multi-page document (see "Uploading Documents").  The file is not upload...
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Why do I get a little red X rather instead of the document when I select Display Document?
Viewed 251 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2009
This happens when you try to upload an HTML document.  Delete the document, convert (or scan) your HTML file to PDF format, and upload as a PDF document.
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