Begin Date must equal the first Jobs Detail Effective Date

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The Begin Date has a specific meaning: it is the original date an employee was appointed to a position (T# and suffix), such as the date a new graduate student is appointed as a TA.   If the graduate student is assigned as an RA for the next semester, the TA appointment ends and RA appointment begins.   Begin Date for each appointment is the original date the employee was appointed to each T# and suffix, and it is stored for each appointment.   

Then in a later semester, if the graduate student is re-appointed as a TA, the Begin Date on the ePAF must be the first day of the original appointment, and the ePAF displays this date in the Current Value column.   (NOTE:   This error occurs on re-appointments to a T# and suffix or rehires to a T# and suffix.)

In the attached screen shot, the Begin Date error is highlighted.   The Begin Date (original appointment date) is indicated with the green arrow.
To fix the error, type or paste the Current Value date to the New Value field.
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