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Glossary is usually defined as an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge. This knowledge base glossary provides a collection of knowledge base documents that define many technical terms. These terms are arranged alphabetically, but you can quickly jump to a specific term by selecting its first letter from the index of the knowledge base glossary below.

Internet Native Banner - a system used by TTU for administrative tasks
A period from the time a Fund is established through the current date. Amounts shown in inception-to-date columns or fields may cross fiscal years
Indirect Cost Rate
A code assigned by the accounting office for the purposes of calculating the facilities and administrative (i.e., indirect charges) on the sponsored project. The F&A rate is provided by Office of Research Services and SPAR enters it into the system. Some Sub FOPs can have different F&A rates. F&A rates will not display in match FOPs if they are internally funded.
Indirect Costs
Expenses on Sponsored Projects that are related to Facilities and Administrative Costs, which are necessary costs but are not tied to activities in the execution of the work related to research. These include things such as office supplies, postage, utilities, etc.
Informal Bid Process
The informal bid process is allowed for purchases greater than $10,000 and less than $30,000 in any fiscal year (September 1-August 31). Purchases include either a one-time payment for goods or services or the repetitive purchases of the same goods or services throughout the fiscal year. The department submitting the informal bid is required to provide written documentation justifying the informal bid process. Guidelines do apply. 3 Bids are required, two of which must be from a HUB vendor.
Internal Sales
Charges by one University department for goods or services it provides to another University department
Intra-Institutional Voucher (IV)
IV (Intra Institutional Voucher) is the avenue for service departments to bill expenditures to departmental FOAPs. These are completed using the FiTS System or by Gateway