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Glossary is usually defined as an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge. This knowledge base glossary provides a collection of knowledge base documents that define many technical terms. These terms are arranged alphabetically, but you can quickly jump to a specific term by selecting its first letter from the index of the knowledge base glossary below.

Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS)
The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has prescribed an accounting, responsibility reporting, and appropriations control system for state institutions and agencies. TTU and TTUSA are each considered a "reporting agency" for USAS purposes; USAS is not the internal accounting system for TTU/TTUSA. TTU and TTUSA must comply with the requirements of the Texas Comptroller Manual of Accounts and such other instructions regarding USAS as may be issued by the CPA for all funds deposited with and /or disbursed from the state treasury
University Deposits
University Deposits receives, processes and verifies all TTU deposits and maintains all cash advance funds