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  1. I need to lower the FTE on an employee’s primary job and add a secondary job; do I have to wait for the FTE change on the Primary job to apply before I submit the secondary job? You do not have to wait for the FTE change on the primary job to be applied.  You can submit the Add Secondary Job.... Read More
  2. New Effective Date cannot be after Employee’s Termination Date, when trying to add a secondary job You are trying to add a secondary job that starts after the employee is terminated.   Your department can view any employee using Cognos report HR035.  It shows employee's home dept, job departments and historical appointments, but no confide... Read More
  3. How do I add and use the Available Budget tab in Raiderlink? Instructions for adding, using and creating additional Available Budget tabs are found on the AFISM Job Aids web page under the Miscellaneous tab; click the Raiderlink category to discover three articles: Add Available Budget Tab - steps to place... Read More
  4. Address of this type exists Answer: This error occurs when the person and R# has an employee record in the data base.  The chosen ePAF is a Transfer Gaining or New Hire (to rehire a previous employee).  When you have completed your entries on the ePAF, the ePAF system detec... Read More
  5. My reported wages aren’t adding up to my annual salary, why? or My CPA says my W-2 is wrong, why? Reported wages do not include pre-tax deductions such as insurance, parking, retirement contributions, tax sheltered annuities, Texflex, imputed income, etc…   Full wage statements for active employees are available through Raiderlink/Webraider. ... Read More
  6. When will I be eligible for longevity or additional longevity pay? You can click on the following link that will direct you to the OP that address your question: Read More
  7. When will I be eligible for additional accruals for vacation? You can click on the following link that will direct you to the OP that addresses your question: Read More
  8. I need to update my address, who do I contact to do this? An employee is able to update their address within the Employee Tab of Raiderlink.   Within the section "My Texas Tech Information", select the link labeled "My Personal Information".  Within this location there are links with your personal inform... Read More
  9. How can I route the ePAF to additional individuals in my department? There are three methods for adding additional approvers within your department: 1) Beside the mandatory Level 20 Department Head, you can use Level 5 to send an FYI notice, or Level 10 for an approver prior to the department head. 2) You can add more... Read More
  10. How do I determine if I need to add an approval level to the ePAF? The ‘Mandatory Levels’ are automatically included on a ePAF. Optional levels may be necessary, based on the requirements of the appointment or of your chain of command, such as: Your Dean or Vice President may want to approve an new hir... Read More
  11. How do I add a person as an administrator on a computer? Answer:  Users and managers are added as administrator when the computer is set up for the user.  Either one logged onto the computer will be able to add another user as an administrator.  To do this, follow these steps: Right click on the "My ... Read More
  12. How can I add another person to the approval chain if they are not in the drop down name list of approvers? Catetory:  ePAF   Question:  How can I add another person to the approval chain if they are not in the drop down name list of approvers?   Answer: A new ePAF approver can be appointed to ePAF Level 20 by the department head using TEAM App.   Or,... Read More
  13. How do I add a shipping address to my profile? Within TechBuy, select the drop down located to the right of your name in the upper right section of TechBuy.  Within the Column on the left, select the link labeled "Default User Settings" and then select Default Addresses.  In the window that ope... Read More
  14. The address I need to ship to is not in TechBuy(SciQuest), how do I get it added? You will need to complete the "TechBuy - New Ship To: Address" form.  This form is access from the Procurement Services channel within the A&F Work Tools tab of Raiderlink.  Select the link labeled "Forms".  In the window that opens, choose th... Read More
  15. How do I change the shipping address on a requisition once it has been submitted?  Once the requisition is submitted, the approver will have to make the change to the shipping address.  First, the approver must assign the requisition to him/herself.  Once in the requisition, the approver then should click on the edit button nex... Read More
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