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  1. How can I route the ePAF to additional individuals in my department? There are three methods for adding additional approvers within your department: 1) Beside the mandatory Level 20 Department Head, you can use Level 5 to send an FYI notice, or Level 10 for an approver prior to the department head. 2) You can add more... Read More
  2. When will I be eligible for longevity or additional longevity pay? You can click on the following link that will direct you to the OP that address your question: Read More
  3. When will I be eligible for additional accruals for vacation? You can click on the following link that will direct you to the OP that addresses your question: Read More
  4. What is the Query Date of an ePAF? If the ePAF will update the data base so that the employee receives the correct pay check for the intended pay period, type the Personnel Date in the Query Date field.   However, if the ePAF will not update in a timely manner, then deciding the Quer... Read More
  5. How can I add another person to the approval chain if they are not in the drop down name list of approvers? Catetory:  ePAF   Question:  How can I add another person to the approval chain if they are not in the drop down name list of approvers?   Answer: A new ePAF approver can be appointed to ePAF Level 20 by the department head using TEAM App.   Or,... Read More
  6. My reported wages aren’t adding up to my annual salary, why? or My CPA says my W-2 is wrong, why? Reported wages do not include pre-tax deductions such as insurance, parking, retirement contributions, tax sheltered annuities, Texflex, imputed income, etc…   Full wage statements for active employees are available through Raiderlink/Webraider. ... Read More
  7. I am trying to understand how overtime is calculated on my check, who can help me with this? Banner is set up to pay an employee their overtime as both straight on your regular earnings line and ½ time on your overtime earning line.   Example:   A semi-monthly employee making $10.00 per hour is working in an 80 hour pay period.   This em... Read More
  8. I am an international employee and I wanted to know if I will receive a W2? Your question can be answered on our payroll website at under our Frequently Asked Questions section under Non-Resident Alien Employees and Form 1042-S section.   If you still have additional questio... Read More
  9. I have questions about my W2, whom do I contact? Most of the questions are on the Payroll Services website   If you have additional questions, please email the payroll webmaster at Read More
  10. Is there a place where I can find training materials for Banner? Training can be found on the AFISM website.   This is a link that can assist you to locate the training material you may be looking for:   If you have additional questions please send ... Read More
  11. Is there training for Web Time Entry or Web Time Leave? You can contact your direct supervisor to answer your questions, or you can go to the AFISM website for online tutorial training:   If you still have additional questions, you can ... Read More
  12. I have questions regarding Teachers Retirement, who can help me with this? You can visit the Employee Services Center website at for retirement questions or refer to the TRS Website at If you still need additional in... Read More
  13. I have questions regarding my payroll deductions, who can help me with this? Several of your questions can be answered on our payroll website under Payroll Deductions: and if you still need additional assistance, please email Payroll Services at www.webmaster.payrol... Read More
  14. Are there step-by-step instructions for completing an ePAF? A “Template” has been prepared for each individual ePAF Approval Category. The Template includes a description of the ePAF, instructions for completing the screens leading up to opening the ePAF for entry, and hints for all entry fields.  All y... Read More
  15. How do I determine if I need to add an approval level to the ePAF? The ‘Mandatory Levels’ are automatically included on a ePAF. Optional levels may be necessary, based on the requirements of the appointment or of your chain of command, such as: Your Dean or Vice President may want to approve an new hir... Read More
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