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  1. How do I add and use the Available Budget tab in Raiderlink? Instructions for adding, using and creating additional Available Budget tabs are found on the AFISM Job Aids web page under the Miscellaneous tab; click the Raiderlink category to discover three articles: Add Available Budget Tab - steps to place... Read More
  2. When will Cognos not be available due to the nightly table loads? The ODS refresh process begins when the Finance/AR load to Banner starts at 8:00 p.m. and is guaranteed to be available the following morning no later than 7:00 a.m.  Anyone running reports during those hours should expect the data to be changing an... Read More
  3. Are monthly leave accruals available for use as of the first of the month, or must I wait until they appear in my Leave Balances by the 25th of the month? Answer: Monthly leave accruals are available for use as of the first of the month.  You do not need to wait until they appear in your Leave Balances before using them.  The Payroll process adds monthly leave accruals to your balance before it subt... Read More
  4. Why is my Vacation Leave Balance in the "Banked" column instead of the "Available" column? Category:  Web Time Entry / Web Leave Report   Question:  Why is my Vacation Leave Balance in the "Banked" column instead of the "Available" column?   Answer:  Your vacation balance will move from the "Banked" column to the "Available Balance a... Read More
  5. What is the Date Available for my Leave Balances? Category:  Web Time Entry/ Web Leave Report   Question:  What is the date available for my Leave Balances?   Answer:  Leave Balances ‘roll’ at the beginning of every fiscal year (September 1st).  If you were hired prior to the begin... Read More
  6. Where can I find my available leave balances? This information is found on your Employee Tab within the section labeled "My Texas Tech Information".   Within that section choose the link titled "My Leave Balances".  The information you want is found there.... Read More
  7. What classes are available to learn ePAF preparation? The class catalog, Training Checklist, is found on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools tab > AFISM Training Website.  Find the current schedule of classes and register for your choice in SumTotal, RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools tab > AF... Read More
  8. Are instructions available on how to use TeamApp? Instructions for using TeamApp are found on the Resources page of  AFISM's website   Within the Filter Documents on the right of the page select "TeamApp". Video Tutorials for using TeamApp... Read More
  9. Is training available for Xtender? AFISM offers 2 training options to support the Xtender application: Xtender: Browse User Role Online Training Module - for users with this level of access to provide an overview of Xtender basics and how to view, print and email Xtender: Scanning &am... Read More
  10. When I try to login to Microsoft Office Communicator, I get error "Cannot sign in to Communications Service because the server is temporarily unavailable" What can I do? Answer:  Uninstall Microsoft Office Communicator and then go back to your eRaider and download/install it again.  This should automatically get your login setup by default.... Read More
  11. What form do I use to establish a revenue budget pool? Category:  Budget Subcategory: Question:  What form do I use to establish a revenue budget pool?   Answer :  The form you use to establish a revenue budget pool is called a Budget Revision form.    This is the direct link to the form - look for... Read More
  12. How can I tell if the budget is at the FOP or FOAP? Category:  Budget SubCategory: Question:  How can I tell if the budget is at the FOP or FOAP?   Answer:  There are documents on the AFISM Resources page that explain this.  Both of these are located on the AFISM Resources Page.  One is titled ... Read More
  13. Where do I find the Budget Pool Account codes? This information is found on the AFISM Resources Page within the Finance Section.  To access this page from the A&F Work Tools tab of Raiderlink, select the "Resources" link within the AFISM Channel.  Select Finance within the Filter Documents ... Read More
  14. Where do I go to download a budget revision form? Budget Revision Form Under Forms click “Banner Budget Revision Form”... Read More
  15. Where do I go to find information and instructions for Budget Prep? Various Handouts, Guides, Instructions: AFISM Resources Page: and AFISM Training Page: Budget Website:  ... Read More
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