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  1. What is the difference between the "IN MY QUEUE" tab and the "CURRENT" tab of the ePAF Approver Summary ? Category:  ePAF   Question:  What is the difference between the "IN MY QUEUE" tab  and the "CURRENT" tab of the ePAF Approver Summary ?   Answer:  The CURRENT tab has the ePAF transactions waiting your action. The IN MY QUEUE tab contains ePAFs... Read More
  2. What report in Cognos show the current budget for a FOP? Within the TTU Finance > Budget Reports folder you will find the reports designed to provide budget information.  The most frequently used of these reports include: FI002 - Revenue Expense Budget Pools by FOP - This report displays at the budge... Read More
  3. This page is not enabled for current user role(s). bwpkepaf.P_DispEpafMenu Answer:  This means that you do not have access as an ePAF Originator or ePAF Approver.      To become an ePAF Originator: An ePAF Originator must attend class before receiving access. To become an ePAF Originator, you must sign up for the All A... Read More
  4. Will semi-monthly pay be equal to half the my current monthly pay? No.  All non-exempt employees will be paid based on the actual hours worked during the pay period.... Read More
  5. How do I find the leave balances for my employee(s)? The HR030 - Employee Current Leave Balances Report found in Cognos provides this information.  The report is located in the Human Resources Folder > Departmental Users > Web Leave Reports as well as in the All Human Resources Reports folder. ... Read More
  6. I am trying to log onto my timesheet/leave report and it is giving me an error message to contact payroll. It appears that your approver(s) have not been set up or the approver(s) have changed.   You will need to have your current approvers send an email to with the R number and position number of the approver or approvers, ... Read More
  7. How do I change the funding source (FOAP/FOP) for an employee’s future pay? An electronic form is available in the ePAF Application, with an Approval Category name of "TTU Current & Future Labor Chg, TLABOR".  This ePAF allows you to change the funding for an upcoming date.... Read More
  8. What are Employee One-time Payments (EOPS)? One-time payments are miscellaneous or occasional payments to a current employee, not for regular job duties or regular paychecks.   Read about the Employee One-time Payments and 4 other categories of employee pay in the “Forms of Employee Pay ... Read More
  9. What classes are available to learn ePAF preparation? The class catalog, Training Checklist, is found on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools tab > AFISM Training Website.  Find the current schedule of classes and register for your choice in SumTotal, RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools tab > AF... Read More
  10. A pay increase PAF for a nonexempt employee has applied but WTE timesheet has the old rate. Will the employee be paid at the old rate or at the new rate? When an employee opens the timesheet for the first time, the current rate is listed on the timesheet.  The rate in the header is not updated during the pay period and does not reflect any recently applied pay changes.  During the payroll cycle at t... Read More
  11. How do I uninstall Internet Explorer 8? To uninstall Internet Explorer 8 and restore an earlier version of Internet Explorer, follow these steps:   1.  Close all programs 2.  Click Start and then click Control Panel 3.  Click Add or Remove Programs 4.  In the list of currently instal... Read More
  12. Are monthly leave accruals available for use as of the first of the month, or must I wait until they appear in my Leave Balances by the 25th of the month? Answer: Monthly leave accruals are available for use as of the first of the month.  You do not need to wait until they appear in your Leave Balances before using them.  The Payroll process adds monthly leave accruals to your balance before it subt... Read More
  13. Where do I go to find a specific employee’s position number? Category:  ePAF   Question:  Where do I go to find a specific employee's position number? This person is transferring between departments on campus, and I need to prepare the ePAF.   Answer:  An employee's position number can be found... Read More
  14. How do I change the FOAP from which a person is paid? Question:  How do I change the FOAP from which a person is paid?   Answer:  When you only need to change the FOAP, you will use funding change procedures, submitted straight to the Budget Office.  An ePAF is not required.  (The ePAF system is fo... Read More
  15. Begin Date must equal the first Jobs Detail Effective Date Explanation and Instruction:    The Begin Date has a specific meaning: it is the original date an employee was appointed to a position (T# and suffix), such as the date a new graduate student is appointed as a TA.   If the graduate student is assi... Read More
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