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  1. What report in Cognos show the current budget for a FOP? Within the TTU Finance > Budget Reports folder you will find the reports designed to provide budget information.  The most frequently used of these reports include: FI002 - Revenue Expense Budget Pools by FOP - This report displays at the budge... Read More
  2. What is the difference between the "IN MY QUEUE" tab and the "CURRENT" tab of the ePAF Approver Summary ? Category:  ePAF   Question:  What is the difference between the "IN MY QUEUE" tab  and the "CURRENT" tab of the ePAF Approver Summary ?   Answer:  The CURRENT tab has the ePAF transactions waiting your action. The IN MY QUEUE tab contains ePAFs... Read More
  3. This page is not enabled for current user role(s). bwpkepaf.P_DispEpafMenu Answer:  This means that you do not have access as an ePAF Originator or ePAF Approver.      To become an ePAF Originator: An ePAF Originator must attend class before receiving access. To become an ePAF Originator, you must sign up for the All A... Read More
  4. Will semi-monthly pay be equal to half the my current monthly pay? No.  All non-exempt employees will be paid based on the actual hours worked during the pay period.... Read More
  5. New Person button is missing from the Duplicate Check on a New Hire, Generate ID Background: I’m trying to Generate ID on a New Hire ePAF for a person who does not already exist in the system.  When I submit the ePAF, the Duplicate Check page displays a list of potential matches with a message “Choose an existing person... Read More
  6. How are the appropriate approvers assigned (Level I and Level II) when we hire new student assistants? Category:  Web Time Entry   Question:  How are the appropriate approvers assigned (Level I and Level II) when we hire new student assistants?   Answer:  If approvers are set up at the Organization level,  the students will fall under them.  I... Read More
  7. Where are the I9 and other forms that a new hire must complete? The I9 New Employee Packet is on the HR website: RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > Human Resources > Visit HR Website, with the Employee Resources > New Employee list.... Read More
  8. Begin Date must equal the first Jobs Detail Effective Date Explanation and Instruction:    The Begin Date has a specific meaning: it is the original date an employee was appointed to a position (T# and suffix), such as the date a new graduate student is appointed as a TA.   If the graduate student is assi... Read More
  9. What is the Date Available for my Leave Balances? Category:  Web Time Entry/ Web Leave Report   Question:  What is the date available for my Leave Balances?   Answer:  Leave Balances ‘roll’ at the beginning of every fiscal year (September 1st).  If you were hired prior to the begin... Read More
  10. Not Found, The request URL/pls/TTTUSPRD/bwpkepaf.p_UpdateEpafDetl was not found on this server Answer:   This error occurs when you click SUBMIT to quickly after clicking SAVE.   When you click SAVE, the ePAF is saved to the data base and then returned tot he user PC (with error messages, if any).  The response from the server starts with t... Read More
  11. What is the Personnel Date of an ePAF? The Personnel Date on an ePAF records the official date of a personnel action, such as: What is the ‘hire’ date of the new employee? What is the ‘end’ date of a retiring employee? What is the ‘begin’ date of ... Read More
  12. What is the Query Date of an ePAF? If the ePAF will update the data base so that the employee receives the correct pay check for the intended pay period, type the Personnel Date in the Query Date field.   However, if the ePAF will not update in a timely manner, then deciding the Quer... Read More
  13. Default Routing Queue: How to save and update ePAF Routing Queues Category:  ePAF Question:  How do I set up Default Routing Queue patterns for my ePAF's?   The Default Routing Queue allows you to define your preferred routing for each ePAF Approval Category (New Hire, Termination, etc.) The Approvers/Leve... Read More
  14. Where can I find a pay schedule with the dates when I will receive my payroll checks? You can locate this information on our payroll website under Pay Schedule:   This form will give you all the information you need regarding pay dates, days in the pay period.... Read More
  15. I need to update my address, who do I contact to do this? An employee is able to update their address within the Employee Tab of Raiderlink.   Within the section "My Texas Tech Information", select the link labeled "My Personal Information".  Within this location there are links with your personal inform... Read More
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