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  1. If there are 2 default approvers listed, does this mean that the approval has to go through both individuals? Category:  Web Time Entry / Web Leave Report   Question:  If there are 2 default approvers does the approval have to go through both individuals? Or can one or the other approve?   Answer:  If you have listed 2 default approvers in either the ex... Read More
  2. What report in Cognos show the current budget for a FOP? Within the TTU Finance > Budget Reports folder you will find the reports designed to provide budget information.  The most frequently used of these reports include: FI002 - Revenue Expense Budget Pools by FOP - This report displays at the budge... Read More
  3. My reported wages aren’t adding up to my annual salary, why? or My CPA says my W-2 is wrong, why? Reported wages do not include pre-tax deductions such as insurance, parking, retirement contributions, tax sheltered annuities, Texflex, imputed income, etc…   Full wage statements for active employees are available through Raiderlink/Webraider. ... Read More
  4. Can I get multiple copies of my W-2? Yes, after January 26th – Active employees can access their W-2 through Raiderlink/Webraider.   Select Employee tab > My Employment Information > Tax Forms > W-2 Wage & Tax Statement *Individual printer settings will vary; employee ca... Read More
  5. I haven’t received my W-2, where is it?  After January 26th – It is in the mail.    If address is incorrect or out of date, active employees can access their W-2 through Raiderlink/Webraider. Select Employee tab > My Employment Information > Tax Forms > W-2 Wage & Tax S... Read More
  6. When can I get my W-2? Active employees who have signed up for Electronic Delivery of their W-2 will be able to access it through Raiderlink/Webraider on January 24, W-2s will be mailed starting January 26th and 27th. The Payroll Offices will NOT distribute hard copies of... Read More
  7. I would like to set up direct deposit, where can I do this? Direct Deposit is set up by the employee and is completed within the Employee Tab of Raiderlink.  Within the Employee Tab  is a section titled "My Texas Tech Information".  A link titled "Update My Direct Deposit" is found within this box.  Selec... Read More
  8. Is training available for Xtender? AFISM offers 2 training options to support the Xtender application: Xtender: Browse User Role Online Training Module - for users with this level of access to provide an overview of Xtender basics and how to view, print and email Xtender: Scanning &am... Read More
  9. Where can I get Documentation and FAQs about Xtender? Several helpful documents and FAQs are available to assist you in navigating in Xtender.  Documentation and FAQs are available at:   There is also an Online Training Module for t... Read More
  10. What is the Xtender web site address? URL:  Or you can access the site through Raiderlink > A&F Work Tools Tab > Finance Portlet > Xtender (Document Management) Xtender is designed for use in Internet Explorer only.  Using other browsers l... Read More
  11. What is Xtender? Xtender is a Document Management System that is used across campus to secure documents over long periods of time, while allowing for emailing and printing from the system as well as retrieving documents from the system.  Permission is required to... Read More
  12. If I uploaded only the first page of a multi-page document, how do I correct this? There are two possible causes for this problem: 1) When attaching a file, the first action is to choose the file name and SAVE, but this only attaches the page being viewed in the display area.  The rest of the file must be attached as a second ... Read More
  13. When a financial manager changes will the authority delegated by the previous manager be deleted? Question:  When a Financial  Manager changes will the authority delegated by the previous manager be deleted? The authority delegated by the previous manager will remain intact after the new manager is assigned.  To modify access delegated through... Read More
  14. From what day to what day is the official work week? Answer:  The official work week is Sunday through Saturday.... Read More
  15. Can you help me understand Annual Salary? Category:  ePAF   Question:  Could you explain "ANNUAL SALARY"? Is it 12 months or 9 months...or does it depend if faculty, staff or student?   Answer:  Annual Salary is the "rate" at which an exempt employee is paid (as different from nonexempt... Read More
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