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  1. How do I get Approver access to the ePAF system? Category:  ePAF Subcategory:    Question:  How do I get Approver access to the ePAF system?      Answer:    Ask your Organization Financial Manager to submit an Access Request (the Financial Manager can submit a request for himself): 1. ... Read More
  2. How do I register to use the TechBuy(SciQuest) System? Category:  TechBuy(SciQuest)   Question:  How do I register  to use the TechBuy System?   Answer:  A Financial Manager will automatically be pre-registered in TechBuy based on account approvals provided by TechFim.  The Financial Manager will ... Read More
  3. Do I need to make changes to my system to run Cognos Reports? Category:  Reporting Subcategory:  Cognos Question:  Do I need to make changes to my system to run  Cognos Reports? Answer:  There is a guide published on the AFISM Resources page within the Cognos section that assists you in navigating through ... Read More
  4. Where can I find training information on the new Employee One-Time Payment System (EOPS)? Training materials can be found on the AFISM website.   The following link will direct you to the site directly:     You can find the information under the ... Read More
  5. Can I set my system so the question asking if I want to go into the secure area is not received? Question:  Can I set my system so the question asking if I want to go into a secure area is not received?   Answer: These instructions are for Internet Explorer only: Using Windows login credentials with Internet Sites 1. Open Internet Explorer(br... Read More
  6. How will a return to Staples (Punch-out Vendor) be completed with the TechBuy(SciQuest) system?     For most punch-out vendors, the user will go back into the punch-out site to handle a return.  If there is not an automated return system, there will be a contact for preparing a return.  For any problems, the Buyer who handled the requisitio... Read More
  7. How do I fix error "Error loading C:WINDOWSSystem32NVMCTRAY.DLL the specified module could not be found"? Answer:  1.  Go to the Start button, and then select run.  2.  Type msconfig in the field to the right of Open: 3.  Click OK or hit the enter key 4.  Click on the Startup TAB 5.  Click the Disable All button 6.  Click OK 7.  A pop-up will op... Read More
  8. What happens if I could not input data during the appointed time due to system issues and travel? Category:  Web Time Entry / Web Leave Report   Question:  I was out of town on the 16th & 17th. When I left on the 15th the Web Time Entry was not available?   Answer: WTE will not allow you to input data after the 2 business days have passe... Read More
  9. How do I remove ePAF Originator or Approver access? Removal of ePAF access permissions for origination of or approval of an ePAF requires that Human Resources or Enterprise Application Security be contacted.  The functionality to do this does not exist in TeamApp.... Read More
  10. How is Program Code 600 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code 600 used?   Answer: Program Code 600 Institutional Support– includes expenditures for central, executive-level activities concerned with management and long-range pl... Read More
  11. This page is not enabled for current user role(s). bwpkepaf.P_DispEpafMenu Answer:  This means that you do not have access as an ePAF Originator or ePAF Approver.      To become an ePAF Originator: An ePAF Originator must attend class before receiving access. To become an ePAF Originator, you must sign up for the All A... Read More
  12. When should I use account codes 5D vs. account codes 5E?  5D codes are ONLY for Auxiliary Enterprise Funds (fund class 31A).  All other fund that have sales and services will use the 5E codes.  When choosing one of the 5E codes, there is an External Sale choice and  an Internal Sale choice.  Pick the ... Read More
  13. How is Program Code A10 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code A10 used?   Answer: Program Code A10 Auxiliaries– includes expenditures related to the auxiliary enterprise which exists to furnish goods or services to students, fac... Read More
  14. What is the Query Date of an ePAF? If the ePAF will update the data base so that the employee receives the correct pay check for the intended pay period, type the Personnel Date in the Query Date field.   However, if the ePAF will not update in a timely manner, then deciding the Quer... Read More
  15. What are Employee One-time Payments (EOPS)? One-time payments are miscellaneous or occasional payments to a current employee, not for regular job duties or regular paychecks.   Read about the Employee One-time Payments and 4 other categories of employee pay in the “Forms of Employee Pay ... Read More
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