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  1. How do I change the FOAP from which a person is paid? Question:  How do I change the FOAP from which a person is paid?   Answer:  When you only need to change the FOAP, you will use funding change procedures, submitted straight to the Budget Office.  An ePAF is not required.  (The ePAF system is fo... Read More
  2. How can I tell if the budget is at the FOP or FOAP? Category:  Budget SubCategory: Question:  How can I tell if the budget is at the FOP or FOAP?   Answer:  There are documents on the AFISM Resources page that explain this.  Both of these are located on the AFISM Resources Page.  One is titled ... Read More
  3. How do I add the FOAP codes to my Profile in TechBuy?  The TechBuy Training Document provides instruction on how to add FOAP codes to your profile.  Access it via this link:   select the Class Materials tab, Select TechBuy Training.... Read More
  4. How are a FOP and a FOAP different? Category:  Finance Question:  How are a FOP and a FOAP different?   Answer: A FOP refers to the three codes (Fund, Organization and Program) that identify a budget.  The three codes are combined to become one identifier for the budget: F - Fund... Read More
  5. Where can I see which FOAPs I have which have a negative balance? Cognos Report – EDT_BAVL_006 – Negative Account Type (60s & 70s) Navigate to:   Public Folders   >   Budget >   Budget Financial Reports   >   Budget Financial Edits   >   EDT_BAVL_006 – Neg... Read More
  6. How do I change the funding source (FOAP/FOP) on a previous payment made to an employee? Use the Labor Redistribution Form on the Budget website.  It is an Excel worksheet with tabs for Instructions and examples. ... Read More
  7. How do I change the funding source (FOAP/FOP) for an employee’s future pay? An electronic form is available in the ePAF Application, with an Approval Category name of "TTU Current & Future Labor Chg, TLABOR".  This ePAF allows you to change the funding for an upcoming date.... Read More
  8. New effective date must be greater than the last date of x, in Labor Distribution FOAPAL Answer:  When submitting an ePAF for a future change that involves a funding (labor distribution) change which will occur before an existing funding change that is already in place in Banner, you will receive the error, “New effective date must b... Read More
  9. A pay increase PAF for a nonexempt employee has applied but WTE timesheet has the old rate. Will the employee be paid at the old rate or at the new rate? When an employee opens the timesheet for the first time, the current rate is listed on the timesheet.  The rate in the header is not updated during the pay period and does not reflect any recently applied pay changes.  During the payroll cycle at t... Read More
  10. What do I do with invoices for a blanket order? The invoice should be attached to the Blanket Purchase Order and a comment made to Accounts Payable indicating that payment needs to be made and advising which FOAP is to be used.   View a Work Aid giving instruction on how to complete this at:  h... Read More
  11. How do I pay a student who has a Work Study grant? Answer: Student Financial Aid provides you with an Award Authorization form with approval information, including a W-position (instead of a T#) with the Work Study FOAP funding information.  This Authorization is prepared after you contact the St... Read More
  12. What report shows all FOPs assigned to an Organization Manager? The FI106 - Valid FOP report provides a listing of all FOPs assigned to an Organization Manager.  This report is located in TTU Finance > FOAP Reports  folder of Cognos.... Read More
  13. How do I add funding information to my requisition? The best practice for funding a requisition is to save the FOP(s) that you will use for your purchases to your profile.  Instructions for how to do this are found at: Read More
  14. Is there a report or reports that provide a listing of FOPs under particular PI’s, Depts, Colleges?   There are several reports that provide this information within the TTU Finance folder of Cognos.  If a listing of the FOPs without budget details is desired, use the FI106 - Valid FOP Report that is found in the TTU Finance  > FOAP Reports fo... Read More
  15. Do I leave the Organization portion of the FOP combination request blank if a new FOP is being set up?   This is for the organization code that the department would like to assign as part of the FOP number.  Keep in mind that the organization code is associated to the financial manager who is responsible for managing this FOP combination, including ... Read More
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