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  1. How do I change or update a Financial Manager? Question:  How do I change or update a Financial Manager? A Financial  Manager form needs to be completed.  The form and instructions are available at: Read More
  2. When a financial manager changes will the authority delegated by the previous manager be deleted? Question:  When a Financial  Manager changes will the authority delegated by the previous manager be deleted? The authority delegated by the previous manager will remain intact after the new manager is assigned.  To modify access delegated through... Read More
  3. What form do I use to change an Account Manager?      You will use a Financial Manager form and it can be accessed using this link: ... Read More
  4. What report shows all FOPs assigned to an Organization Manager? The FI106 - Valid FOP report provides a listing of all FOPs assigned to an Organization Manager.  This report is located in TTU Finance > FOAP Reports  folder of Cognos.... Read More
  5. What report should my business managers look at to see their fund balance? Within the TTU Finance Folder of Cognos is a sub folder titled "Fund Balance Reports".  These are the reports designed to provide you information regarding your Fund Balance.  The most frequently Fund Balance report used is the FI009 -  Statement ... Read More
  6. What does error User XXXXXX has no authority to post to fund XXXXXX and Organization XXXXXX in chart T mean? Answer:  This error means that the user has not been given a role (Approver, Requestor, Shopper) on the FOP being used.  The Financial Manager will need to assign the user a role within TechBuy for  the org code shown.  This is done by using u... Read More
  7. What is Xtender? Xtender is a Document Management System that is used across campus to secure documents over long periods of time, while allowing for emailing and printing from the system as well as retrieving documents from the system.  Permission is required to... Read More
  8. How do I get Approver access to the ePAF system? Category:  ePAF Subcategory:    Question:  How do I get Approver access to the ePAF system?      Answer:    Ask your Organization Financial Manager to submit an Access Request (the Financial Manager can submit a request for himself): 1. ... Read More
  9. How do you change or remove signature authority? Category:  Finance   Question: How to you remove or change sigature authority?   Signature authority for employees with the exception of the Financial Manager is accomplished using the TeamApp at this link:   TeamApp I... Read More
  10. Do I leave the Organization portion of the FOP combination request blank if a new FOP is being set up?   This is for the organization code that the department would like to assign as part of the FOP number.  Keep in mind that the organization code is associated to the financial manager who is responsible for managing this FOP combination, including ... Read More
  11. Why do I receive the mesage "You do not have access to select an application" when I try to access TechBuy(SciQuest)?   This means you have not been granted a role within TechBuy.  Contact the Financial Manager of the Organization you will be shopping/ approving for and request that they grant you access to the TechBuy System.  Access is granted using TeamApp.  ... Read More
  12. Is the dept/org required to have shoppers assigned?   No.  The requirement is that they as a minimum have a Financial Manager.  All who have a higher level role have the ability to shop within TechBuy.... Read More
  13. How do I register to use the TechBuy(SciQuest) System? Category:  TechBuy(SciQuest)   Question:  How do I register  to use the TechBuy System?   Answer:  A Financial Manager will automatically be pre-registered in TechBuy based on account approvals provided by TechFim.  The Financial Manager will ... Read More
  14. How are a FOP and a FOAP different? Category:  Finance Question:  How are a FOP and a FOAP different?   Answer: A FOP refers to the three codes (Fund, Organization and Program) that identify a budget.  The three codes are combined to become one identifier for the budget: F - Fund... Read More
  15. Where can I see which FOAPs I have which have a negative balance? Cognos Report – EDT_BAVL_006 – Negative Account Type (60s & 70s) Navigate to:   Public Folders   >   Budget >   Budget Financial Reports   >   Budget Financial Edits   >   EDT_BAVL_006 – Neg... Read More
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