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  1. How do I change the funding source (FOAP/FOP) for an employee’s future pay? An electronic form is available in the ePAF Application, with an Approval Category name of "TTU Current & Future Labor Chg, TLABOR".  This ePAF allows you to change the funding for an upcoming date.... Read More
  2. Which Cognos Report shows tha mount of interest accrued each month on our Fund Balance? Category:  Reporting   Question:  Which Cognos report shows the amount of interest accrued each month on our fund balance FOP?   Answer: The report that shows the information about the interest accrued on the Fund Balance FOP is the FI009 - Stat... Read More
  3. How do I add funding information to my requisition? The best practice for funding a requisition is to save the FOP(s) that you will use for your purchases to your profile.  Instructions for how to do this are found at: Read More
  4. What report should my business managers look at to see their fund balance? Within the TTU Finance Folder of Cognos is a sub folder titled "Fund Balance Reports".  These are the reports designed to provide you information regarding your Fund Balance.  The most frequently Fund Balance report used is the FI009 -  Statement ... Read More
  5. Where can I find information on proper use of funds within a Fund Group, Category or Class? Category:   Question:  Where can I find information on the proper use of funds within a Fund Group, Category or Class?   Answer:  There are documents available on the AFISM Resources page which provide this information. Please click on the lin... Read More
  6. What transfers or expenses are allowed for a Fund Category or Fund Class? Question: What transfers or expenses are allowed for a Fund Category or Fund Class? Answer:  This varies based upon the particular Fund Category or Fund Class.  To find this information access the AFISM Resources page Read More
  7. How do I change the funding source (FOAP/FOP) on a previous payment made to an employee? Use the Labor Redistribution Form on the Budget website.  It is an Excel worksheet with tabs for Instructions and examples. ... Read More
  8. What does error User XXXXXX has no authority to post to fund XXXXXX and Organization XXXXXX in chart T mean? Answer:  This error means that the user has not been given a role (Approver, Requestor, Shopper) on the FOP being used.  The Financial Manager will need to assign the user a role within TechBuy for  the org code shown.  This is done by using u... Read More
  9. What is an endowment? An endowment is established with a gift from the private sector that comprises the corpus or principal of the endowment.  The corpus is invested and a designated portion of income or the capital gain is used to fund a project or need.  The corpus r... Read More
  10. How do I pay a student who has a Work Study grant? Answer: Student Financial Aid provides you with an Award Authorization form with approval information, including a W-position (instead of a T#) with the Work Study FOAP funding information.  This Authorization is prepared after you contact the St... Read More
  11. How do I change the FOAP from which a person is paid? Question:  How do I change the FOAP from which a person is paid?   Answer:  When you only need to change the FOAP, you will use funding change procedures, submitted straight to the Budget Office.  An ePAF is not required.  (The ePAF system is fo... Read More
  12. What is TRS and why do I contribute to TRS? Category:  Payroll Question:  What is TRS and why do I contribute to TRS?   Answer: Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) is a pension trust fund to deliver retirement and related benefits that have been authorized by the Texas Legislature, an... Read More
  13. New effective date must be greater than the last date of x, in Labor Distribution FOAPAL Answer:  When submitting an ePAF for a future change that involves a funding (labor distribution) change which will occur before an existing funding change that is already in place in Banner, you will receive the error, “New effective date must b... Read More
  14. Why do I get a Code of Ethics agreement when I access TechBuy(SciQuest)? Answer:   This message serves as a reminder to employees of their responsibility to comply with Texas Tech’s Ethics Policy, which can be found at TTU OP 10.11. The Ethics Policy requires that employees use Texas Tech funds in a manner that fu... Read More
  15. How do I set up new budget pools? Category:  Budget Subcategory: Question:  How do I set up new budget pools?   Answer:  If you are moving funds to budget pools wtihin the same FOP, you may do an AMBUD (AMBUD@TTU.EDU).  If you are using different FOPs you will need to process a ... Read More
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