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  1. How do I fix my wireless keyboard when it loses connection? Answer:  Press the blue button on the side of the Bluetooth USB Receiver. The Receiver will be found: on the side of the monitor in the USB port on the front of the computer OR in the back of the computer USB port Press the button on the... Read More
  2. Are there quick keys or hot keys that can be used in Banner? There are hot keys that can be used in Banner.  To access a list of them, click on the following link: Read More
  3. How do I fix error "Error loading C:WINDOWSSystem32NVMCTRAY.DLL the specified module could not be found"? Answer:  1.  Go to the Start button, and then select run.  2.  Type msconfig in the field to the right of Open: 3.  Click OK or hit the enter key 4.  Click on the Startup TAB 5.  Click the Disable All button 6.  Click OK 7.  A pop-up will op... Read More
  4. How do I make the LCD screen on my laptop lighter or darker? Answer:  On the lower left section of the keyboard is a button that has blue "fn" on it.  Hold this button down and keep tapping the up arrow (found on right side of keyboard) to increase the brightness.  Tap the down arrow to decrease the brightn... Read More
  5. How can I create an e-mail message on behalf of another person? Category:  Technical Subcategory:  Outlook Question:  How do I create an e-mail message on behalf of another person?   Answer:  Follow these steps: 1.  From the outlook of the person you will send the e-mail on behalf of, follow      these ... Read More
  6. How do I access voicemail remotely? Question:  How do I access voicemail remotely?   Answer:  Follow these steps: Call your telephone number Press ** when you hear the greeting start to play Enter your mailbox number, your password and press the pound (#) key Press 2 to play... Read More
  7. Is there a way to do a wildcard search in Query Studio? Category:  Reporting Subcategory:  Cognos Query Studio Question:  Is there a way to do a wildcard search in Query Studio?   Answer:  Yes.  To do this, click inside the column that you want to search on.  Select the Filter icon from the toolbar... Read More
  8. I can not access a Banner Form; what are the security levels on a Banner Form? Security levels are determined by each employee’s specific job duties and responsibilities.    Forms are set as Update, Query, or Denied Access.   With all Banner Systems (Student, Finance, or Human Resource) only the appropriate forms that ... Read More
  9. All Approval Types must be committed prior to submission Answer: Each block/section of the ePAF is an Approval Type; "committed' means saved.  The error indicates one or more Approval Types are incomplete and not saved.  Thus the ePAF will not submit.     Check the Default Earnings block to ensure... Read More
  10. Do I need to make changes to my system to run Cognos Reports? Category:  Reporting Subcategory:  Cognos Question:  Do I need to make changes to my system to run  Cognos Reports? Answer:  There is a guide published on the AFISM Resources page within the Cognos section that assists you in navigating through ... Read More