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  1. When do semi-monthly employees receive their longevity pay? Semi-monthly employees receive their longevity pay when we run the second semi-monthly payroll consisting of the 16th thru the end of the month that pays on the 10th of the month.... Read More
  2. What is a Longevity Payment for Employees? Category:  Web Time Entry / Web Leave Report Question:  What is a Longevity Payment for Employees?   Answer:  Regular full time non-academic employees are entitled to longevity pay upon completion of each two years of State service starting with ... Read More
  3. Will I get my longevity on both the 10th and the 25th? No.  Longevity pay will be paid on the check issued on the 10th day of the month.  Texas State statute only allows for longevity pay to be distributed one time per month in the month following completion of work.... Read More
  4. When will I be eligible for longevity or additional longevity pay? You can click on the following link that will direct you to the OP that address your question: Read More