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  1. What is a Non-Tech Employee? A Non-Tech employee is paid by an outside employer, but works on the TTU campus and needs access to employee-type privileges such as parking, email, library, etc.   Special instructions for Appointing a Non-Tech Employee are found on the RaiderLink ... Read More
  2. When is the best time to move an employee from a non-exempt to an exempt job or vice versa? Category:  Payroll   Question:  When is the best time to move an employee from a non-exempt to an exempt job or vice versa?   Answer:  It is recommended moving employees from a non-exempt to an exempt job or vice versa at the beginning of a pay... Read More
  3. Can each employee have two approvers for a non-exempt time sheet or does the department have the same two approvers for all non-exempt employees in the department? Category:  Payroll   Question:  Can each employee have two approvers or does the department have the same two approvers for all non-exempt employees in the department?   Answer:  The answer to both is yes.  First about approvers for Web Time En... Read More
  4. How do I know if I am a non-exempt employee? Answer: Non-exempt employees are paid semi-monthly.   Hours are turned in on a semi-monthly pay period consisting of either the 1st thru the 15th or 16th thru EOM.   These hours are turned in thru WTE or a third party time clock system.   Check w... Read More
  5. A pay increase PAF for a nonexempt employee has applied but WTE timesheet has the old rate. Will the employee be paid at the old rate or at the new rate? When an employee opens the timesheet for the first time, the current rate is listed on the timesheet.  The rate in the header is not updated during the pay period and does not reflect any recently applied pay changes.  During the payroll cycle at t... Read More
  6. How do I decide whether to use an Exempt, Nonexempt or Faculty ePAF? You determine whether to use Exempt, Nonexempt, or Faculty/TA/GPTI according to the Employee Class code for the T-position to which the employee will be appointed. Each job title in the Texas Tech Pay Plan is classified as “Exempt,” “Nonexempt,... Read More
  7. How do I know if a vendor is HUB or NON HUB status and where can I go to find a listing? Please review vendor at this link:  You can also choose the "Browse: Suppliers" link within TechBuy, and utilize "Search for Supplier" option.  A HUB icon will display in the Preference colum... Read More
  8. How do I enter a negative number in the non-catalog form for a software license that we receive an educational discount for? You will need to include the discount in your line item and then explain that you took the educational discount in the description.  TechBuy does not allow negative numbers.   Submitted by:  Jennifer Adling... Read More
  9. How do I set Outlook up for a new employee (new to my dept - not to Tech)? Answer:  You must first add the person as an administrator - directions are in the knowledgebase.  Once the person is added as an administrator, follow these steps: Click on the Start button Hover over all programs Scroll to Microsoft Office ... Read More
  10. If a supplier (vendor) is not in TechBuy(SciQuest), how do we add them? Category:  TechBuy(SciQuest)   Question:  If a supplier (vendor) is not in TechBuy, how do we add them?   Answer:  This is completed using a Non-Catalog form in Techbuy.  In the form, click on the "choose supplier...." link in the top section... Read More
  11. Why do I get a Code of Ethics agreement when I access TechBuy(SciQuest)? Answer:   This message serves as a reminder to employees of their responsibility to comply with Texas Tech’s Ethics Policy, which can be found at TTU OP 10.11. The Ethics Policy requires that employees use Texas Tech funds in a manner that fu... Read More
  12. How do I return something in TechBuy? Complete the "Receiving" process in TechBuy for the Purchase Order, selecting the "return" option  to let Accounts Payable know  the merchandise was returned.  Then, within the comments section of Purchase Order involved make a comment stating th... Read More
  13. How can I locate my Banner TechID R# ? Category: Finance   Question:  How can I locate my Banner TechID R# ?   Answer   You may  R# on the A&F Work Tools page of Raiderlink.  It is located in the upper right hand corner: ... Read More
  14. Do I send AP the hard copy of the invoice before I complete a settlement in TechBuy? AP actually prefers that the invoice be sent to them from the vendor.  In the event that the vendor sends a department the invoice, please go ahead and complete settlement in TechBuy, attach the invoice to the Purchase Order and include Accounts Pay... Read More
  15. How do I designate Advance Pay in TechBuy(SciQuest)? Category:  TechBuy(SciQuest)   Question:  How do you indicate that the TechBuy purchase is an advance pay?   Answer:  When you are in the Review screen of the requisition, go to the Supplier/Line Item Details section in the lower part of the scr... Read More
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