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  1. How can I route the ePAF to additional individuals in my department? There are three methods for adding additional approvers within your department: 1) Beside the mandatory Level 20 Department Head, you can use Level 5 to send an FYI notice, or Level 10 for an approver prior to the department head. 2) You can add more... Read More
  2. What is the Query Date of an ePAF? If the ePAF will update the data base so that the employee receives the correct pay check for the intended pay period, type the Personnel Date in the Query Date field.   However, if the ePAF will not update in a timely manner, then deciding the Quer... Read More
  3. What is Xtender? Xtender is a Document Management System that is used across campus to secure documents over long periods of time, while allowing for emailing and printing from the system as well as retrieving documents from the system.  Permission is required to... Read More
  4. When will Cognos not be available due to the nightly table loads? The ODS refresh process begins when the Finance/AR load to Banner starts at 8:00 p.m. and is guaranteed to be available the following morning no later than 7:00 a.m.  Anyone running reports during those hours should expect the data to be changing an... Read More
  5. How do I change the FOAP from which a person is paid? Question:  How do I change the FOAP from which a person is paid?   Answer:  When you only need to change the FOAP, you will use funding change procedures, submitted straight to the Budget Office.  An ePAF is not required.  (The ePAF system is fo... Read More
  6. How do I correct an error I made during the settlement process in TechBuy(SciQuest)? To correct a quantity receipt made in error, create an additional receipt to reduce the over-received amount. 1.  Open the "Receipts" tab on the PO and complete the upper portion of the screen.  For corrections, it is a good idea to name the recei... Read More
  7. How is Program Code S10 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code S10 used?     Answer: Program Code S10 Service Department Funds– includes expenditures associated with the activities that have been established to provide goods an... Read More
  8. How is Program Code A10 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code A10 used?   Answer: Program Code A10 Auxiliaries– includes expenditures related to the auxiliary enterprise which exists to furnish goods or services to students, fac... Read More
  9. When will the change in Pay Frequency be in effect? The change in pay frequency will start beginning January 2009.  All non-exempt employees will be paid twice a month based on the following new pay periods and pay dates:   Pay Period:                                ... Read More