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  1. Where can I find a list of the operating policies and procedures for Texas Tech? You can locate this information on our payroll website under TTU/TTUSA Policies:   You will also be able to find other helpful operating procedures on this link.... Read More
  2. Is there a report that ties a transaction to a P0 number? Question:  Is there a report that ties a transaction to a P0 Number? There are several options available in Cognos: 1.   FI030 - Encumbrance Ledger Transaction Report.  This report displays in two sections. The top section shows the encumbrances ... Read More
  3. Is there a Cognos report that provides overtime information? Question: Is there a Cognos report that provides overtime information?   Answer: Yes, this information can be found in Cognos Reports.  Use a Finance Report if you want to see the overtime activity against your operating ledger and a Human Resource... Read More
  4. Is there a Cognos Report that shows all transactions for the entire month ? There are several reports that provide the transactions that occurred during a Fiscal Period (month).  To access these reports, from the Public Folders tab of Cognos, select the folder labeled TTU Finance.  Within the TTU Finance Folder is a sub fo... Read More
  5. Is there a Cognos report detaling which Purchase Orders have not been paid? Yes, there are Cognos Reports showing open Purchase Orders.  If you want a listing of open Purchase Orders, use the FI137 - Open Encumbrance Multi-Year Report.  This displays Purchase Order, Vendor Name and Remaining Balance. If you want a report t... Read More
  6. How do I find check numbers and dates per specific payment requests? Cognos offers several reports that provide check information for payments against a Purchase Order: 1.  FI030 - Encumbrance Ledger Transaction Report - the check details are found in the bottom section of this report. 2.  FI278 - Vendor Invoice Pay... Read More
  7. What report in Cognos show the current budget for a FOP? Within the TTU Finance > Budget Reports folder you will find the reports designed to provide budget information.  The most frequently used of these reports include: FI002 - Revenue Expense Budget Pools by FOP - This report displays at the budge... Read More