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  1. Do I leave the Organization portion of the FOP combination request blank if a new FOP is being set up?   This is for the organization code that the department would like to assign as part of the FOP number.  Keep in mind that the organization code is associated to the financial manager who is responsible for managing this FOP combination, including ... Read More
  2. What report shows all FOPs assigned to an Organization Manager? The FI106 - Valid FOP report provides a listing of all FOPs assigned to an Organization Manager.  This report is located in TTU Finance > FOAP Reports  folder of Cognos.... Read More
  3. What does error User XXXXXX has no authority to post to fund XXXXXX and Organization XXXXXX in chart T mean? Answer:  This error means that the user has not been given a role (Approver, Requestor, Shopper) on the FOP being used.  The Financial Manager will need to assign the user a role within TechBuy for  the org code shown.  This is done by using u... Read More
  4. How is Program Code 500 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code 500 used?     Answer: Program Code 500 Student Services-includes expenditures incurred for offices of admissions and the registrar and activities with the primary purp... Read More
  5. How is Program code 200 used? Program Code 200 Research– includes expenditures for activities specifically organized to produce research, whether commissioned by an agency external to the institution or separately budgeted by an organization within the institution. Subject to ... Read More
  6. What is an Earning Code? Earning Codes are used to classify payments for work and leave to employees.   Earning codes also appear on paychecks. See examples on the “Forms of Employee Pay” and a list of codes on "Employee Pay: Earning Codes" on the RaiderLink > A&a... Read More
  7. Where can I find a list of earnings codes? A list of the earnings codes is available on the Crosswalks & Code Charts page of the AFISM web site.  This can be accessed using this link:    Scroll to the  Banner HR section and look... Read More
  8. What is a rule class code?   Rule Class Codes allow Banner to define transactions, specify edits by transactions, customize error messages and specify posting actions.  Rule classes are built in Banner to provide controls and balancing rules for specific document transaction... Read More
  9. Where do I find the Budget Pool Account codes? This information is found on the AFISM Resources Page within the Finance Section.  To access this page from the A&F Work Tools tab of Raiderlink, select the "Resources" link within the AFISM Channel.  Select Finance within the Filter Documents ... Read More
  10. When should I use account codes 5D vs. account codes 5E?  5D codes are ONLY for Auxiliary Enterprise Funds (fund class 31A).  All other fund that have sales and services will use the 5E codes.  When choosing one of the 5E codes, there is an External Sale choice and  an Internal Sale choice.  Pick the ... Read More
  11. How do I add the FOAP codes to my Profile in TechBuy?  The TechBuy Training Document provides instruction on how to add FOAP codes to your profile.  Access it via this link:   select the Class Materials tab, Select TechBuy Training.... Read More
  12. What Activity Code do I use inTechBuy(SciQuest)? The activity code is not being used at this time.  You can leave that field blank.... Read More
  13. How is Program Code S10 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code S10 used?     Answer: Program Code S10 Service Department Funds– includes expenditures associated with the activities that have been established to provide goods an... Read More
  14. How is Program Code R10 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code R10 used?   Answer: Program Code R10 Retirement of Indebtedness– includes expenditures associated with debt related to bond indenture agreements.     To learn more... Read More
  15. How is Program Code L10 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code L10 used?   Answer: Program Code L10 Loan Funds– includes expenditures made from current restricted funds for purposes of making student loans.   To learn more:  ht... Read More
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