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  1. Where can I find a pay schedule with the dates when I will receive my payroll checks? You can locate this information on our payroll website under Pay Schedule:   This form will give you all the information you need regarding pay dates, days in the pay period.... Read More
  2. I am trying to reconcile my payroll employees, is there a report that can help me with this? Cognos Reports offer you several options for reconciliation of payroll.  The most frequently used Payroll Report for reconciliation purposes is the HR047 Report.  This report is found in the Human Resources > Departmental Users > Payroll Repo... Read More
  3. I am trying to log onto my timesheet/leave report and it is giving me an error message to contact payroll. It appears that your approver(s) have not been set up or the approver(s) have changed.   You will need to have your current approvers send an email to with the R number and position number of the approver or approvers, ... Read More
  4. I have questions regarding my payroll deductions, who can help me with this? Several of your questions can be answered on our payroll website under Payroll Deductions: and if you still need additional assistance, please email Payroll Services at www.webmaster.payrol... Read More
  5. How do I get access to HR reports to view employee and payroll data in Cognos? HR Cognos report access is granted by the department head using TeamApp.  ... Read More
  6. How do I fix "error on pc//data execution error"? Question:  How do I fix "error on pc//data execution error"?   Answer:  Follow the steps below Right click on the My Computer icon Scroll down to properties Click on the advanced tab Click the settings button under Performance Click on t... Read More
  7. On the PO, I requested marked the box to have the check sent to our dept so we can mail to the vendor. How long does it take for the check to be cut? Answer:  Payment Services will prepare the check in accordance with institutional policies.  The payment term depends on the payment method the vendor has selected.  Texas law requires payment within 30 days.  An internal comment should be ad... Read More
  8. From what day to what day is the official work week? Answer:  The official work week is Sunday through Saturday.... Read More
  9. How do I reimburse staff for an office expense? Category:  TechBuy(SciQuest)   Question:  How do I reimburse staff for an office expense?   Answer:  You will use the one-time payment form in TechBuy.... Read More
  10. When I try to login to Microsoft Office Communicator, I get error "Cannot sign in to Communications Service because the server is temporarily unavailable" What can I do? Answer:  Uninstall Microsoft Office Communicator and then go back to your eRaider and download/install it again.  This should automatically get your login setup by default.... Read More
  11. What do I do when I get "SIP Communications service failed" errors when trying to open office communicator service? Answer:  First, verify that your communicator is 2007.  To do this, click on the drop down arrow at the top left on your office communicator.  Scroll to help, then scroll to \"about Microsoft Communicator.   If you have 2007, proceed by:  ... Read More
  12. What is the Query Date of an ePAF? If the ePAF will update the data base so that the employee receives the correct pay check for the intended pay period, type the Personnel Date in the Query Date field.   However, if the ePAF will not update in a timely manner, then deciding the Quer... Read More
  13. Eff Date must be greater than Last Paid Date Answer: The Last Paid Date is the final day of a pay period for which employees have received pay checks.  When Payroll generates pay checks for a pay period, the period is closed to future entries.  This error notes that you are trying to put date... Read More
  14. What is the Personnel Date of an ePAF? The Personnel Date on an ePAF records the official date of a personnel action, such as: What is the ‘hire’ date of the new employee? What is the ‘end’ date of a retiring employee? What is the ‘begin’ date of ... Read More
  15. New effective date must be greater than the last date of x, in Labor Distribution FOAPAL Answer:  When submitting an ePAF for a future change that involves a funding (labor distribution) change which will occur before an existing funding change that is already in place in Banner, you will receive the error, “New effective date must b... Read More
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