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  1. I am trying to log onto my timesheet/leave report and it is giving me an error message to contact payroll. It appears that your approver(s) have not been set up or the approver(s) have changed.   You will need to have your current approvers send an email to with the R number and position number of the approver or approvers, ... Read More
  2. Where can I find a pay schedule with the dates when I will receive my payroll checks? You can locate this information on our payroll website under Pay Schedule:   This form will give you all the information you need regarding pay dates, days in the pay period.... Read More
  3. I am trying to reconcile my payroll employees, is there a report that can help me with this? Cognos Reports offer you several options for reconciliation of payroll.  The most frequently used Payroll Report for reconciliation purposes is the HR047 Report.  This report is found in the Human Resources > Departmental Users > Payroll Repo... Read More
  4. I have questions regarding my payroll deductions, who can help me with this? Several of your questions can be answered on our payroll website under Payroll Deductions: and if you still need additional assistance, please email Payroll Services at www.webmaster.payrol... Read More
  5. How do I get access to HR reports to view employee and payroll data in Cognos? HR Cognos report access is granted by the department head using TeamApp.  ... Read More
  6. Is there a report that ties a transaction to a P0 number? Question:  Is there a report that ties a transaction to a P0 Number? There are several options available in Cognos: 1.   FI030 - Encumbrance Ledger Transaction Report.  This report displays in two sections. The top section shows the encumbrances ... Read More
  7. Where do I go to find a specific employee’s position number? Category:  ePAF   Question:  Where do I go to find a specific employee's position number? This person is transferring between departments on campus, and I need to prepare the ePAF.   Answer:  An employee's position number can be found... Read More
  8. How do I find check numbers and dates per specific payment requests? Cognos offers several reports that provide check information for payments against a Purchase Order: 1.  FI030 - Encumbrance Ledger Transaction Report - the check details are found in the bottom section of this report. 2.  FI278 - Vendor Invoice Pay... Read More
  9. How do I enter a negative number in the non-catalog form for a software license that we receive an educational discount for? You will need to include the discount in your line item and then explain that you took the educational discount in the description.  TechBuy does not allow negative numbers.   Submitted by:  Jennifer Adling... Read More
  10. Can I assign a permanent Proxy so if I don’t approve timesheets, my proxy can approve them? Category:  Web Time Entry / Web Leave Report   Question:  Can I assign a permanent Proxy so if I don’t approve timesheets, my proxy can approve them?   Answer:  Payroll Services do not recommend a permanent proxy. When Approval Queues we... Read More
  11. How is semi monthly pay calculated? All non exempt employees will be paid based on the hours worked.  Each pay period, the number of work days and hours can fluctuate.  Therefore, non exempt employee payments may vary depending on the number of work days in a pay period.  As a resul... Read More
  12. I would like to set up direct deposit, where can I do this? Direct Deposit is set up by the employee and is completed within the Employee Tab of Raiderlink.  Within the Employee Tab  is a section titled "My Texas Tech Information".  A link titled "Update My Direct Deposit" is found within this box.  Selec... Read More
  13. My reported wages aren’t adding up to my annual salary, why? or My CPA says my W-2 is wrong, why? Reported wages do not include pre-tax deductions such as insurance, parking, retirement contributions, tax sheltered annuities, Texflex, imputed income, etc…   Full wage statements for active employees are available through Raiderlink/Webraider. ... Read More
  14. I didn’t work for TTU/TTUHSC last year, why did I get a W-2? Most likely the final check for the previous year was paid in January of this year.   Verify by email to Read More
  15. Can I get multiple copies of my W-2? Yes, after January 26th – Active employees can access their W-2 through Raiderlink/Webraider.   Select Employee tab > My Employment Information > Tax Forms > W-2 Wage & Tax Statement *Individual printer settings will vary; employee ca... Read More
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