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  1. Can I use the pcard at Wal-Mart? Category:  Procurement Question:  Can I use the Pcard at Wal-Mart?   Answer:  Yes.  Take the exemption form to the Service Desk before you start shopping and request a tax exempt ID card.  ... Read More
  2. Can I use the pcard at Staples instead of the convenience card? Yes you can.  However, the University will not receive HUB credit and the discounted pricing will not be the same.... Read More
  3. How do I pay for a purchase order using my procurement card in TechBuy(SciQuest)? You may only use a Pcard in TechBuy if there is an \"edit\" field next to the Credit Card Info under Billing.  If the requisition does not supply that option, the Pcard cannot be used.   The attachment provides a visual guide for you.... Read More