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  1. I am a 9 month Faculty member and I want my salary paid over 12 months, how can I do this? You will need to fill out a Faculty 12 Month Salary Spread Request form and scan and email it to Payroll Services at   You can find this form along with other payroll forms on our payroll website under Forms and Proced... Read More
  2. Where is the annual salary calculator that converts semester pay into annual salary for exempt ePAFs? On RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > AFISM > Resources website is an ePAF Calculator, with a drop-dow list of three procedures.  Choose the Multipurpose Calculator, which will convert semester pay to annual salary.  It has an added benefi... Read More
  3. Can you help me understand Annual Salary? Category:  ePAF   Question:  Could you explain "ANNUAL SALARY"? Is it 12 months or 9 months...or does it depend if faculty, staff or student?   Answer:  Annual Salary is the "rate" at which an exempt employee is paid (as different from nonexempt... Read More
  4. My reported wages aren’t adding up to my annual salary, why? or My CPA says my W-2 is wrong, why? Reported wages do not include pre-tax deductions such as insurance, parking, retirement contributions, tax sheltered annuities, Texflex, imputed income, etc…   Full wage statements for active employees are available through Raiderlink/Webraider. ... Read More
  5. WARNING! Annual Salary is outside the Table/Grade range Answer:    A warning is simply an advisement.  This means that the employee's pay does not fit in the range for the position title and pay plan.  This warning will not prevent the ePAF from submitting - just a message to make sure your entr... Read More
  6. Assignment Salary divided by rate does not equal hours per pay Answer: Check to see that your entry for the Hourly Rate is correct, and limited to 2 decimal points, i.e. 10.249999 should be 10.25   If the Hourly Rate on the ePAF is correct (or not required), please contact the PAF Analysts in Human Resources. ... Read More
  7. New Effective Date cannot be after Employee’s Termination Date, when trying to add a secondary job You are trying to add a secondary job that starts after the employee is terminated.   Your department can view any employee using Cognos report HR035.  It shows employee's home dept, job departments and historical appointments, but no confide... Read More
  8. What is a secondary position? A secondary position refers to a pay amount in addition to the FTE-based salary paid to an exempt employee .   Refer to the “Forms of Employee Pay” on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > AFISM Resources webpage.... Read More
  9. Where do I find job titles and salaries? The Pay Plan (Job Class listings) has a list of all titles and salary ranges at TTU.  It is found on the HR website.... Read More