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  1. Can I use Employee Self Service even if I do not use WTE to report hours? Category:  Web Time Entry / Web Leave Report Question:  All employees in my department do not use Web Time Entry (WTE) to report hours. We are using time clocks. Can I still use Employee Self Service?   Answer:  Yes, you can use all the other fe... Read More
  2. When I try to login to Microsoft Office Communicator, I get error "Cannot sign in to Communications Service because the server is temporarily unavailable" What can I do? Answer:  Uninstall Microsoft Office Communicator and then go back to your eRaider and download/install it again.  This should automatically get your login setup by default.... Read More
  3. What do I do when I get "SIP Communications service failed" errors when trying to open office communicator service? Answer:  First, verify that your communicator is 2007.  To do this, click on the drop down arrow at the top left on your office communicator.  Scroll to help, then scroll to \"about Microsoft Communicator.   If you have 2007, proceed by:  ... Read More
  4. I have questions regarding Teachers Retirement, who can help me with this? You can visit the Employee Services Center website at for retirement questions or refer to the TRS Website at If you still need additional in... Read More
  5. Where do I pick up my paycheck? TTU and TTU System Administration employees can pick up their paychecks from Payroll Services, Doak Conference Center, room 170:   TTUHSC employees can pick up their paychecks in Payroll Services roo... Read More
  6. I have questions about my W2, whom do I contact? Most of the questions are on the Payroll Services website   If you have additional questions, please email the payroll webmaster at Read More
  7. How can I get an estimate of my take home pay? You can estimate your take home pay by using the withholding calculator provided by the Internal Revenue Service at,,id=96196,00.html... Read More
  8. Is there training for Web Time Entry or Web Time Leave? You can contact your direct supervisor to answer your questions, or you can go to the AFISM website for online tutorial training:   If you still have additional questions, you can ... Read More
  9. I am a 9 month Faculty member and I want my salary paid over 12 months, how can I do this? You will need to fill out a Faculty 12 Month Salary Spread Request form and scan and email it to Payroll Services at   You can find this form along with other payroll forms on our payroll website under Forms and Proced... Read More
  10. I need to change my W-4, how can I do this? You can fill out a new W-4 form from our payroll website and scan and email it back to HR Employee Services at for TTU and for HSC employees.   You can find this form along with other payroll forms... Read More
  11. I have questions regarding my payroll deductions, who can help me with this? Several of your questions can be answered on our payroll website under Payroll Deductions: and if you still need additional assistance, please email Payroll Services at www.webmaster.payrol... Read More
  12. On the PO, I requested marked the box to have the check sent to our dept so we can mail to the vendor. How long does it take for the check to be cut? Answer:  Payment Services will prepare the check in accordance with institutional policies.  The payment term depends on the payment method the vendor has selected.  Texas law requires payment within 30 days.  An internal comment should be ad... Read More
  13. Please explain how Direct Cost is used. This is the definition in OMB Circular A-21   D.  Direct costs   1.  General   Direct Costs are those costs that can be identified specifically with a particular sponsored project, an instructional activity, or any other institutional activity, ... Read More
  14. How do I change or update a Financial Manager? Question:  How do I change or update a Financial Manager? A Financial  Manager form needs to be completed.  The form and instructions are available at: Read More
  15. What do I do with invoices for a blanket order? The invoice should be attached to the Blanket Purchase Order and a comment made to Accounts Payable indicating that payment needs to be made and advising which FOAP is to be used.   View a Work Aid giving instruction on how to complete this at:  h... Read More
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