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  1. Which form do I use for Sole Source Vendors? The Justification for Proprietary Purchase form in TechBuy.    ... Read More
  2. How do I change the funding source (FOAP/FOP) on a previous payment made to an employee? Use the Labor Redistribution Form on the Budget website.  It is an Excel worksheet with tabs for Instructions and examples. ... Read More
  3. How do I change the funding source (FOAP/FOP) for an employee’s future pay? An electronic form is available in the ePAF Application, with an Approval Category name of "TTU Current & Future Labor Chg, TLABOR".  This ePAF allows you to change the funding for an upcoming date.... Read More
  4. How do I fix error stating that Java Virtual Machine is not fully qualified? Question: How do I correct system for Java when error states \"Java Virtual Machine is not fully qualified"?   Answer: With Internet Explorer open, click on the link to "tools" .  Check "manage Add-ons" under tools>disable or enable>.... Read More
  5. How do I find the leave balances for my employee(s)? The HR030 - Employee Current Leave Balances Report found in Cognos provides this information.  The report is located in the Human Resources Folder > Departmental Users > Web Leave Reports as well as in the All Human Resources Reports folder. ... Read More
  6. I am trying to reconcile my payroll employees, is there a report that can help me with this? Cognos Reports offer you several options for reconciliation of payroll.  The most frequently used Payroll Report for reconciliation purposes is the HR047 Report.  This report is found in the Human Resources > Departmental Users > Payroll Repo... Read More
  7. I would like to set up direct deposit, where can I do this? Direct Deposit is set up by the employee and is completed within the Employee Tab of Raiderlink.  Within the Employee Tab  is a section titled "My Texas Tech Information".  A link titled "Update My Direct Deposit" is found within this box.  Selec... Read More
  8. Where do I go to find information and instructions for Budget Prep? Various Handouts, Guides, Instructions: AFISM Resources Page: and AFISM Training Page: Budget Website:  ... Read More
  9. Where do I find information on how much fringe benefits are being charged for an employee(s), or on my FOP(s)?   HR047 – Payroll Expenditures and Encumbrance Report Navigate to:   Public Folders   >   Human Resources   >   Departmental Users  ... Read More
  10. Are there step-by-step instructions for completing an ePAF? A “Template” has been prepared for each individual ePAF Approval Category. The Template includes a description of the ePAF, instructions for completing the screens leading up to opening the ePAF for entry, and hints for all entry fields.  All y... Read More
  11. Which ePAFs require that supporting documents be attached? The "ePAF Attachment Instructions" contain a required attachment chart on page 15,  that lists required documents for each ePAF. It is found on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > AFISM Resources webpage.... Read More
  12. What documents should be attached to an ePAF? The "ePAF Attachment Instructions" contain a required attachment chart on page 15,  that lists required documents for each ePAF. It is found on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > AFISM Resources webpage.... Read More
  13. How do I attach documents to the ePAF? The "ePAF Attachment Instructions" contain step-by-step guidance for attaching documents to an ePAF. It includes a chart of required attachments for each ePAF on page 15. The Instructions are found on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > AFI... Read More
  14. Can ePAF Approvers assign a proxy to act in their absence? Yes, ePAF Approvers can assign a proxy from their Approver Summary or from their ePAF menu, can assign more than one proxy, and can delete proxies.  “Managing Your Approver Summary” is a quick reference guide for Approvers, found on the RaiderLi... Read More
  15. What is the Effective Date of an ePAF? The Effective Date fields on the ePAF are populated by the Query Date.  If the Query Date is entered correctly, then the Effective Dates will be correct. Each Effective Date on an ePAF is related to an Approval Type (section).  When the Approval T... Read More
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