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  1. I have ended an employee’s job in Banner who I will reappoint at a later date, should I make any notes in the comment section of the ePAF? Category:  ePAF   Question:  I have ended an employee's job in Banner who I will reappoint at a later date, should I make any notes in the comment section of the ePAF?   Answer:  Yes, it is helpful to indicate in the comments section if yo... Read More
  2. Termination Date has to be >= Jobs End Date Answer:  Ensure the Termination Date in the Terminate Employment approval type/section is equal to or later than the Job End Date in the End Job approval type/section.   Ensure both fields are completed in the ‘New Value’ column.... Read More
  3. Contract End Date must not be later than Base Job End Date Contract End Date is Banner's term for Encumbrance End Date.  The Encumbrance Date entries only appear on Faculty ePAFs.  Verify these two items: 1) You have chosen the wrong ePAF, not a Faculty ePAf for a faculty title.  You must delete this... Read More
  4. What happens when the Pay Date falls on a holidy or a weekend? When the pay date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the non-exempt employee will be paid on the last work day prior to the weekend or the holiday.... Read More
  5. The future dated Job record must be deleted before ending Job Answer:  Contact HR Compensation-Operations (TTU) or HR Records (HSC) for assistance:   For TTU: For HSC:  ... Read More
  6. What is an endowment? An endowment is established with a gift from the private sector that comprises the corpus or principal of the endowment.  The corpus is invested and a designated portion of income or the capital gain is used to fund a project or need.  The corpus r... Read More
  7. Is training available for Xtender? AFISM offers 2 training options to support the Xtender application: Xtender: Browse User Role Online Training Module - for users with this level of access to provide an overview of Xtender basics and how to view, print and email Xtender: Scanning &am... Read More
  8. How can I tell if a purchase order has been submitted to the vendor? To see if a purchase order has been submitted to the vendor(s), go to the purchase order and click on the History tab.  The date the order was sent to the vendor will be noted.    ... Read More
  9. On the PO, I requested marked the box to have the check sent to our dept so we can mail to the vendor. How long does it take for the check to be cut? Answer:  Payment Services will prepare the check in accordance with institutional policies.  The payment term depends on the payment method the vendor has selected.  Texas law requires payment within 30 days.  An internal comment should be ad... Read More
  10. How do I gain access to XTENDER? Access to any Student folders requires completion of the FERPA online training. Xtender access is granted at the department level.    How do I get access to the folder(s) that I need? The links below were created to allow you one click access to op... Read More
  11. How do I know if a vendor is HUB or NON HUB status and where can I go to find a listing? Please review vendor at this link:  You can also choose the "Browse: Suppliers" link within TechBuy, and utilize "Search for Supplier" option.  A HUB icon will display in the Preference colum... Read More
  12. Who do I contact if I have issues using Xtender? Contact your institution’s IT Help Desk if you experience any technical issues in regard to Xtender.   TTU:              742-4357  | TTUHSC:       743-2875  | Read More
  13. Where can I get Documentation and FAQs about Xtender? Several helpful documents and FAQs are available to assist you in navigating in Xtender.  Documentation and FAQs are available at:   There is also an Online Training Module for t... Read More
  14. What is the Xtender web site address? URL:  Or you can access the site through Raiderlink > A&F Work Tools Tab > Finance Portlet > Xtender (Document Management) Xtender is designed for use in Internet Explorer only.  Using other browsers l... Read More
  15. What is Xtender? Xtender is a Document Management System that is used across campus to secure documents over long periods of time, while allowing for emailing and printing from the system as well as retrieving documents from the system.  Permission is required to... Read More
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