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  1. How do I return something in TechBuy? Complete the "Receiving" process in TechBuy for the Purchase Order, selecting the "return" option  to let Accounts Payable know  the merchandise was returned.  Then, within the comments section of Purchase Order involved make a comment stating th... Read More
  2. Do I send AP the hard copy of the invoice before I complete a settlement in TechBuy? AP actually prefers that the invoice be sent to them from the vendor.  In the event that the vendor sends a department the invoice, please go ahead and complete settlement in TechBuy, attach the invoice to the Purchase Order and include Accounts Pay... Read More
  3. How do I designate Advance Pay in TechBuy(SciQuest)? Category:  TechBuy(SciQuest)   Question:  How do you indicate that the TechBuy purchase is an advance pay?   Answer:  When you are in the Review screen of the requisition, go to the Supplier/Line Item Details section in the lower part of the scr... Read More
  4. The address I need to ship to is not in TechBuy(SciQuest), how do I get it added? You will need to complete the "TechBuy - New Ship To: Address" form.  This form is access from the Procurement Services channel within the A&F Work Tools tab of Raiderlink.  Select the link labeled "Forms".  In the window that opens, choose th... Read More
  5. How do I pay for a purchase order using my procurement card in TechBuy(SciQuest)? You may only use a Pcard in TechBuy if there is an \"edit\" field next to the Credit Card Info under Billing.  If the requisition does not supply that option, the Pcard cannot be used.   The attachment provides a visual guide for you.... Read More
  6. What is the procedure for receiving in TechBuy? For a step-by-step guide of the receiving process, please click on this link: .  Select Payment Services from the menu on the left.  Choose link labeled "Receiving in TechBuy... Read More
  7. Why do I receive the mesage "You do not have access to select an application" when I try to access TechBuy(SciQuest)?   This means you have not been granted a role within TechBuy.  Contact the Financial Manager of the Organization you will be shopping/ approving for and request that they grant you access to the TechBuy System.  Access is granted using TeamApp.  ... Read More
  8. How do I add the FOAP codes to my Profile in TechBuy?  The TechBuy Training Document provides instruction on how to add FOAP codes to your profile.  Access it via this link:   select the Class Materials tab, Select TechBuy Training.... Read More
  9. What is required before I can use TechBuy(SciQuest)? In order to use the TechBuy system you must complete the following training classes: Finance Management 101 TechBuy Training  ... Read More
  10. How do I register for a TechBuy(SciQuest) class? You must first complete Financial Management 101.  Once you complete this pre-requisite you may enroll in TechBuy via SumTotal    ... Read More
  11. If a supplier (vendor) is not in TechBuy(SciQuest), how do we add them? Category:  TechBuy(SciQuest)   Question:  If a supplier (vendor) is not in TechBuy, how do we add them?   Answer:  This is completed using a Non-Catalog form in Techbuy.  In the form, click on the "choose supplier...." link in the top section... Read More
  12. How do I register to use the TechBuy(SciQuest) System? Category:  TechBuy(SciQuest)   Question:  How do I register  to use the TechBuy System?   Answer:  A Financial Manager will automatically be pre-registered in TechBuy based on account approvals provided by TechFim.  The Financial Manager will ... Read More
  13. How is a standing order processed in TechBuy(SciQuest)?  Standing orders do not become PO's in TechBuy but are entered into Banner by Purchasing. The form in TechBuy provides a means for departments to submit the Standing Order information to Purchasing and Contracting.... Read More
  14. Why do I get a Code of Ethics agreement when I access TechBuy(SciQuest)? Answer:   This message serves as a reminder to employees of their responsibility to comply with Texas Tech’s Ethics Policy, which can be found at TTU OP 10.11. The Ethics Policy requires that employees use Texas Tech funds in a manner that fu... Read More
  15. How do I correct an error I made during the settlement process in TechBuy(SciQuest)? To correct a quantity receipt made in error, create an additional receipt to reduce the over-received amount. 1.  Open the "Receipts" tab on the PO and complete the upper portion of the screen.  For corrections, it is a good idea to name the recei... Read More
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