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  1. What is Xtender? Xtender is a Document Management System that is used across campus to secure documents over long periods of time, while allowing for emailing and printing from the system as well as retrieving documents from the system.  Permission is required to... Read More
  2. What is COGNOS? What is COGNOS? Cognos is the reporting tool the university uses to provide reports for campus to use and for ad hoc reporting needs as well.     For questions about Cognos for the Banner Finance and Huma... Read More
  3. Can I pay for phone charges on my federal FOP? Category:  Finance   Question:  Can I pay for phone charges on my Texas Tech University federal FOP?   Answer:   Local phone charges are not allowed on federally funded sponsored projects, so any Texas Tech University (Chart T) FOPs that begin ... Read More
  4. When should I use account codes 5D vs. account codes 5E?  5D codes are ONLY for Auxiliary Enterprise Funds (fund class 31A).  All other fund that have sales and services will use the 5E codes.  When choosing one of the 5E codes, there is an External Sale choice and  an Internal Sale choice.  Pick the ... Read More
  5. Can I use the pcard at Staples instead of the convenience card? Yes you can.  However, the University will not receive HUB credit and the discounted pricing will not be the same.... Read More
  6. How is Program Code G10 used? Category:  Finance Subcategory:  Program Codes Question:  How is Program Code G10 used?   Answer: Program Code G10 Agency Operations– includes expenditures related to funds held by the University as custodian or fiscal agent for students, facu... Read More
  7. What is a Manual Check Request (MCR)? A manual check is used to pay an employee for a missed paycheck or an incorrect paycheck when underpaid.   An overview of Manual Check Procedures is found on the RaiderLink > A&F Work Tools > AFISM Resources webpage, filter by ePAF. A... Read More